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U.S. Air Force general says laser warfare in the sky coming sooner than you think

Fighter jets may soon take enemies out of the sky using laser weapons. “That day is a lot closer than I think a lot of people think it is,” said U.S. Air Force General Hawk Carlisle at this week’s 2015 Air Force Association Air &…

You can create chaos for a self-driving car for only $60

Jonathan Petit claims that he is able to create phantom objects, like pedestrians, other cars, or just general obstacles in the road using lasers that could either slow down or entirely paralyze a self driving cars.
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Live life from a cat’s perspective as Trip chases a laser pointer

In 90 seconds of truly riveting footage on YouTube, Tyler Crompton allows viewers to live the life of a laser-pointer-chasing feline by strapping a GoPro camera to the head of his cat.
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Japanese university sets world record with an insane 2 quadrillion-watt laser burst

Scientists at Osaka University in Japan have reportedly fired the world's most powerful laser beam. Researchers used the university's massive, 300-foot LFEX machine to blast out a 2 petawatt burst -- allegedly the most energetic burst ever…
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Crazy new tech projects touch-sensitive holograms into thin air with lasers

A new display system uses a set of finely-tuned lasers to selectively ionize molecules in the air, which causes them to emit a bright white burst of light. Even better, Aerial Burton has figured out how to make these holograms…
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Lockheed Martin’s newest laser weapon can destroy a truck’s engine from a mile away

Dr. Evil, eat your heart out: Lockheed Martin recently demonstrated a laser that disabled a small truck’s engine from more than a mile away. The prototype fiber laser used in the field test through the engine of a small truck in a matter…
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It doesn’t come from Q, but the LaserWatch is dangerous enough for James Bond

If you're looking for a really exciting smartwatch, and aren't bothered about apps or touchscreens, then they don't come more exciting than the LaserWatch. The name gives it all away. It's a watch. That shoots laser beams.
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Lasers to tackle grime on New York City’s oldest outdoor monument

Central Park is turning to laser technology to get the grime off its famous Obelisk monument. The granite pillar has never been cleaned during its 133 years in the Manhattan park, and the high-tech solution is deemed to be the best way to…
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Tattooed fruits are the future of produce branding

The European Union has approved the use of chemicals to condition fruits for laser cutting, helping companies eliminate the need to brand produce with wasteful stickers and packaging.
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Petcube allows you to play with your pets while at work

Ideal for any pet owner that has to spend a significant chunk of time away from home, the Petcube uses a video feed and laser pointer to help keep your cat or dog entertained during the day.

Part car, part projector: Illuminating Audi’s futuristic lighting technologies

Audi sees the automotive world a bit differently than other manufacturers. The luxury automaker envisions a future where organic-based lighting, lasers, and satellite navigation all work together to illuminate our cars and roadways.

Google considers laser projected virtual controls for Project Glass, because it’s not sci-fi enough already

A patent application shows Google could be working on a virtual input system for Project Glass, which would project controls on to your hand or arm using a laser, then read your input using a camera.