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A DIY laser bazooka is the most terrifyingly awesome thing you’ll see today

“I get a lot of good comments from people who love this kind of thing, but also some negative ones from people who think I’m crazy and that I’m going to blow myself up,” creator Drake Anthony tells Digital Trends.
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Weaponized drone swarms will meet their match with this 60-kilowatt laser

Drones, whether alone or in groups, are difficult to spot when approaching, tough to follow on radar, and cannot be easily shot down using conventional weapons. To combat this potential threat, Lockheed Martin is developing a…
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A helicopter-mounted lidar system let archaeologists map an ancient Cambodian city

With the special laser mounted on the underside of a helicopter, archeologists working on the project were able to compose maps revealing the massive scale of religious temples and other buildings belonging to the Khmer Empire, which was…

The new gaming mouse from Tt eSports packs a crazy 16,000 DPI laser sensor

Tt eSports has added a new gaming mouse to its Level 10 lineup that packs a laser sensor capable of 16,000 DPI. It also has honeycombed-based ventilation to keep your hand cool during long marathons.
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US Coast Guard fines Washington man $100,000 for shining a powerful laser at a ferry

A Washington state man who aimed an industrial blue laser at a ferry pilot house was fined $100,000. Felony charges are pending for this repeat offender who previously used a laser on police and at a beach party.

A new refrigerator laser can detect food poisoning-related bacteria

To bring your kitchen into the 21st century, simply affix to your refrigerator a laser that can detect microbes on your food. And we think annihilation would be a great next step.

Brother's new laser printers are all work and no play, and that's not a bad thing

Brother has a new line of printers designed for business environments and demanding home offices. The monochrome laser single-function, multifunction, and copier devices tout connectivity, fast speeds, and high volumes.
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This homemade laser lightsaber can burn through wire

To keep up with the growing number of lightsaber DIYs on YouTube, Styropyro decided to join in on the fun by upgrading his 3W handheld lightsaber from a few years ago to an impressive 7w version.
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U.S. Air Force general says laser warfare in the sky coming sooner than you think

Fighter jets may soon take enemies out of the sky using laser weapons. “That day is a lot closer than I think a lot of people think it is,” said U.S. Air Force General Hawk Carlisle at this week’s 2015 Air Force Association Air &…

You can create chaos for a self-driving car for only $60

Jonathan Petit claims that he is able to create phantom objects, like pedestrians, other cars, or just general obstacles in the road using lasers that could either slow down or entirely paralyze a self driving cars.
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Live life from a cat’s perspective as Trip chases a laser pointer

In 90 seconds of truly riveting footage on YouTube, Tyler Crompton allows viewers to live the life of a laser-pointer-chasing feline by strapping a GoPro camera to the head of his cat.
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Japanese university sets world record with an insane 2 quadrillion-watt laser burst

Scientists at Osaka University in Japan have reportedly fired the world's most powerful laser beam. Researchers used the university's massive, 300-foot LFEX machine to blast out a 2 petawatt burst -- allegedly the most energetic burst ever…