Pix for Windows 10 will help developers ensure great gaming performance

Microsoft's PIX for Windows 10 (beta) joins DirectX 12, Xbox Play Anywhere, Game Mode, and more as examples of the company's sincere commitment to ensuring that Windows 10 is a great PC gaming platform.

Microsoft's purchase of Simplygon demonstrates its commitment to 3D in Windows 10

Microsoft's acquisition of Simplygon illustrates how 3D will take a more significant role in Windows 10, as the company is making some specific investments in 3D technology that should provide more benefits for creative types.

Microsoft Germany issues security warning to people still using Windows 7

The head of Windows in Germany is warning people and organizations against their continued use of Windows 7 as it may be insecure. The company is urging everyone to upgrade before support for the operating system ends in three years.

Microsoft is enlisting tech-savvy teens to help create a culture of ‘digital civility’

Microsoft has formed a new organization called the "Council for Digital Good" to ask teenagers to act as ambassadors in helping other teenagers stay safe online, and help create a culture of "digital civility."

Here’s an Xbox One controller you can play with in the pool

If you love all things Xbox, then this new toy from Microsoft is likely to pique your interest. It's a large inflatable in the shape of an Xbox controller, though sadly you can't connect it to the console for a more offbeat gaming…

Microsoft buys Maluuba’s AI technology to improve its reading comprehension

Microsoft purchased AI startup Maluuba to help its systems become as good at reading and comprehending written text as they are at listening to and understanding speech and recognizing images.

Microsoft's Nadella talks about how artificial intelligence can be used for good

Microsoft CEO Nadella added his voice to the efforts underway to both ensure that AI is developed with society's concerns in mind and to help assuage those concerns as more and more people are exposed to AI in their daily lives.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update protected users against pre-patched exploits

Microsoft said on Friday that Windows 10 Anniversary Update protected against two exploits before the vulnerabilities could be patched. Both attacks took place in late 2016 and have been fixed, but Anniversary Update minimized the threat.

Microsoft's mighty morphing mobile device would be a great Surface phone

Microsoft's "Windows everywhere" mantra, with the complete PC experience available on everything from the smallest phone-like devices all the way up to the massive Surface Hub, would be well-served by the company's recent patent.

Microsoft may reduce its Windows 10 licensing fee for OEMs to combat Chromebooks

There's a rumor that Microsoft plans to lower its Windows 10 licensing fee in March so that OEMs can better compete with Chromebooks in 2017. This isn't the first time Microsoft addressed the Chromebook market, as it cut Windows 8.1 fees…

Microsoft schedules the second 'Bug Bash' for Windows 10 Creators Update

In an effort to make Windows 10 the best that it can be, Microsoft has scheduled the second Creators Update Bug Bash for February 3-12. Windows Insiders will be able to complete Quests and interact directly with Microsoft staff.

Microsoft’s Windows Hello makes headway, with almost 100 supported devices

Windows Hello is approaching a milestone of sorts, with almost 100 unique devices now supporting the protocol. Microsoft took a few minutes in a blog post to bring us up to date on all of the different ways you can now log into Windows 10.