Microsoft says your old PC wastes up to a day of your time per year just to boot

The holiday season is an important one for PC makers and Microsoft is using a unique marketing strategy in the U.K. to push you to buy a computer -- long boot times. It says PC users can waste up to a day per year waiting on the machine to…

Microsoft is working on the 'ultimate mobile device,' says CEO Satya Nadella

According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, the company isn't done with smartphones just yet -- in fact, it's next attempts could be the "ultimate mobile device." It seems Microsoft wants to pave the way for a new generation of smartphones.

Customer service hints at Surface Book trade-in program to fix ongoing issues

It seems Microsoft might be planning to offer a trade-in alternative for some first-generation Surface Book customers as a solution to ongoing reliability and performance issues.

Procrastinators prepare: Microsoft’s Solitaire is on iOS and Android devices

If you ever wasted time on a computer -- and we know you have -- then chances are you played at least a game or two of Solitaire over the past couple of decades. Well, now you can play it on your phone too.
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Microsoft and Oculus set to offer VR streaming from Windows, Xbox One

The Rift will support streaming games from your Xbox One or Windows 10 via a free app that will hit the Windows and Xbox Stores on December 12. Get ready to experience your favorite games in VR -- sort of.

Microsoft patent depicts a potential competitor to Apple's Touch Bar

Earlier this year, Apple added the Touch Bar to its MacBook Pro, and a newly uncovered patent application suggests that Microsoft might be working on a similar product as a standalone accessory.

Our 20 favorite Xbox One games that you can play right now

The Xbox One is finally coming into its own nearly three years after its initial debut. Check out some of our favorite titles for the next-gen console, from Capcom's take on the Middle Earth to the latest installment in the 'Doom'…

Microsoft wants to turn quantum computing research into real products

Microsoft is taking the next step of actively investing in the creation of a real, scaleable quantum computer that can be used to tackle real-world problems, by focusing on qubits to create more stable computing states.
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Windows Holographic Shell delivers low-end VR with modest system requirements

Microsoft's Windows Holographic Shell seems to be targeting middle-of-the-road computer builds, as recently unveiled system requirements reveal that many users will be able to experience its virtual reality interface without…
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Microsoft takes the Mannequin Challenge using HoloLens and the Actiongram app

Microsoft's HoloLens team recently accepted the Mannequin Challenge on Twitter using the augmented reality headset and a cool tool called Actiongram. This tool enables anyone to create mixed reality video without the need for 3D…

Microsoft shipping Surface Studio to earliest adopters this week

Microsoft sold out of its initial production run of Surface Studio almost immediately, arguably a remarkable achievement for such a new machine that's priced so high, and now those early adopters can expect their orders to arrive soon.

Microsoft says Edge is safer than Chrome or Firefox 2:19

Those helpful little Windows 10 notifications are back. Where they once told you how Chrome killed your battery life, now they say Edge is a "safer" browser than Chrome or Firefox.