Tell Microsoft what you really think about Windows 10 with Feedback Hub

We've all got that one thing we wish worked better on our computer, and Windows 10 users can now report it with the Feedback Hub, now open to all. It was previously only offered to Windows Insider members.

Microsoft takes a stance against terrorism on its consumer services

In a blog post published Friday, Microsoft unveiled a series of new policies designed to combat "terrorist content" across its consumer services. From Xbox Live to its Outlook email service, the company plans on purging extremist content.

Microsoft dishing out $500 bonuses to some developers who port Buildbox games to Windows 10

Microsoft and Vungle have teamed up with Buildbox to dish out $500 to developers who port their Buildbox-based games to Windows 10. However, there are a few rules, such as choosing Vungle as the sole in-app advertiser, generating…

Cortana for Android syncs notifications, lets you leave your phone in your pocket

The Cortana app for Android adds new notification settings that, when enabled, mirror messages about incoming phone calls, texts, and more on your PC. The features are live for Windows Insiders right now, with a broader launch expected in…

Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D are strange bedfellows on the Xbox One console

A developer has ported DOSBox over to Microsoft's universal app platform for Windows and shows that Windows 95, Duke Nukem 3D, and a Super Nintendo emulator can run on the Xbox One. The framerates are rather slow right now but…

Microsoft's new Windows 7 patch bundles five years of updates in one easy download

Microsoft has released a 'convenience rollup' intended to make it as easy as possible to bring a PC running Windows 7 completely up to date with patches and security fixes.

Microsoft is getting out of the low-end phone business once and for all

Microsoft is selling the last vestiges of Nokia and its low-end feature phone business to a subsidiary of Foxconn. It expects the deal to close later this year, pending approval by regulators.

Phoenix from the flames: Nokia’s coming back to mobile

Nokia, fresh from a messy divorce with Microsoft, is on its way back to the mobile world. In the near future, we're going to see a whole new range of phones and tablets with the Nokia name on them.

Clues suggest July 29 is Microsoft’s launch date for Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Two slides used in Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference event earlier this year point to a July 29 release date for the free Anniversary Update upgrade for Windows 10. That's also the same day Microsoft pulls the plug on its…

Microsoft: ‘Nearly 1 million’ unused Xbox Gamertags now up for grabs

Microsoft announced plans to wipe "nearly 1 million" unused and dormant Xbox Gamertags over the next month, giving gamers a rare opportunity to reclaim abandoned Xbox Live usernames.

'Forza Motorsport 6' adds 10-hour NASCAR campaign in latest expansion

Xbox One racer Forza Motorsport 6 gets an all-new campaign with Tuesday's launch of a NASCAR expansion that adds a collection of new playable vehicles and more than 10 hours of career mode gameplay.

Universal update inbound: Exclusive Xbox One games appearing in Windows Store

Prior to Microsoft's Anniversary Update expected to occur this summer, certain Xbox One games and apps are appearing for Insider Preview members. It's expected that all universal Windows apps will work on Xbox One.