Some Windows Insiders report Cortana is getting some secret upgrades

Instead of rolling out changes to Cortana via the latest Windows Insider build, Microsoft appears to be quietly integrating new features to their AI assistant for randomly selected Windows Insiders.

Oh, what a feeling! Microsoft Research demos tactile virtual reality controller

Microsoft Research has released footage of two prototype controllers for use with virtual reality headsets that allow users to touch and feel the surfaces of virtual objects in their surroundings.

The largest police force in the U.S. shuns iOS and Android, goes with Windows Phones

According to a recent report, the New York Police Department equipped its officers with Windows Phones rather than iPhones or Android phones. The NYPD argues that Windows Phone is more secure and has better remote management.

U.S. government remains committed to its fight to gain access to overseas data

The U.S. government has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to reconsider its July decision protecting information stored overseas from being seized without local legal proceedings.

Windows 10 Preview Build points to March 2017 release date for Redstone 2

Eagle-eyed Insider Program members testing out the latest Preview Build of Windows 10 have spotted a version number that hints at an early 2017 launch date for the Redstone 2 update.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft wants to make science fiction a reality with glasses-free holograms

Microsoft's Chief Envisioning Officer Dave Coplin said the company is working toward a future filled with holograms that do not require special glasses. But because the technology is in its infant state, we will have to rely them for now.

Windows 10 Insiders, beware: Build 14946 may break your favorite games

With the Windows 10 Anniversary Update in users' hands, Microsoft is looking ahead to Redstone 2. The latest Insider build pushes modest settings updates, but might draw gamers ire for breaking UWP games.

Microsoft's Band 3 pictures leak, showing waterproofing, Features

Microsoft cancelled its fitness tracker sequel, the Band 3, yet several unconfirmed images have circulated online. They purport to show the Band 3, with a new clasp design, waterproofing, and RFID support.
Virtual Reality

Microsoft opens the HoloLens doors to developers, companies outside U.S., Canada

Microsoft said that developers and companies can now purchase HoloLens outside the United States and Canada. HoloLens will still cost from $3,000 (developers) to $5,000 (businesses) in Australia, France, Germany, and more territories.

‘Gears of War 4’ Horde mode guide: How to succeed against overwhelming odds

The new Horde Mode in 'Gears of War 4' is the franchise's best and most complex yet. Here’s how to beat it, or at least some pointers for bolstering your defenses and trying to make the most of the new class system.

Is a new HoloLens coming in late 2017? Analyst rumors say yes

Tom Sepenzis, an analyst with Northland Capital Markets, is of the opinion that a new HoloLens version will make its way to the market later in 2017 as the augmented reality market continues to fluctuate.

‘Gears of War 4’ devs respond to fan feedback with first-day multiplayer tweaks

The Coalition has outlined a number of tweaks, fixes, and changes coming to Gears of War 4's online multiplayer component this week, revealing that players will see greater and more frequent rewards for their efforts.