Hang up the phone: Mozilla to pull the plug on Firefox Hello in September

Mozilla reports that Firefox Hello will be discontinued in September with the release of Firefox 49. It was based on WebRTC for secure chats on web pages, supporting both voice and video communications. Firefox Hello made its debut in late…

Mozilla is developing a kitchen bot to answer the question, ‘What’s for dinner?’

Mozilla is working to make the connected kitchen a reality with a bot that will help you decide what to prepare for your meals. Through RFID technology, the open-source project could potentially change meal prep forever.

Firefox will begin blocking specific, unnecessary Flash content, starting in August

Mozilla has stated that Firefox will begin blocking certain "invisible" Flash content that's not relevant to the browsing experience starting in August.

Firefox 48 gets a new media component that’s a little ‘rusty’

Mozilla's Dave Herman recently said that Firefox 48 will have a media parser derived from the Rust programming language, replacing the current C++ version. Rust is billed as the best C++ alternative, offering better memory "Safety,"

Keep your Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde apart with this feature for multiple online personas

Mozilla is experimenting with a feature called Containers, which aims to separate business, personal, shopping, and banking in the web surfing experience. This way, users can safely access personal and business-based Facebook accounts…

Mozilla launches new fund to help keep open-source software secure

The Mozilla Foundation’s Secure Open Source (SOS) fund has been launched to fund security audits for open-source software projects, ensure a high level of security for all developers.

The FBI hacked into Firefox, and Mozilla wants to know how

The FBI found a vulnerability within Firefox's Tor Browser code that it used to snoop on an alleged child pornography suspect. But a judge barred anyone from telling Mozilla what that vulnerability was.

Mozilla reopens its Test Pilot program for Firefox in the safest way possible

Mozilla launched a new extension for Firefox that allows users to test and provide feedback on experimental features without having to install the beta or nightly build. this "Test Pilot" program currently provides three new features to…

Mozilla works with Google’s Brandon Jones to standardize VR content across the Web

With the intent of getting an implementation out in Firefox Nightly during the first half of this year, Mozilla has collaborated with Google's Brandon Jones on a proposal of WebVR version 1.0.

Mozilla drops ‘Train Model,’ shifts Firefox to a flexible release schedule

Mozilla has announced that Firefox version updates will no longer be released at rigid six-week intervals, instead moving to a more flexible schedule that is slated to commence in June 2016.

Mozilla to pull staff support for Firefox OS mobile after May

Mozilla announced it was ending development for Firefox OS in December, but the company sent an email to developers today confirming the news. Mozilla is going to focus its efforts on connected devices, and has a few products in the…

The Brave browser says it will ‘fix the Web’ with no ads and no tracking

Brave is a new ad- and tracking-free browser that its creators claim will “fix the Web” and help users avoid annoying or intrusive ads that track your habits too much. It was developed by Brave Software and former Mozilla CEO Brendan…