Video claims to show 'Nokia 8' with Snapdragon 821, Snapdragon 835 processors

Rumor has it that up to seven Android handsets bearing the Nokia brand name will be released in 2017. Rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming devices have been gradually appearing.

Look out Siri! Nokia is reportedly building a digital assistant of its own

Google Assistant and Apple's Siri may soon have some competition. Recent reports indicate that Nokia (the company, not the brand that just launched the Nokia 6 phone) is working on its own digital assistant.

Nokia gets back in the phone game with its first Android model, the Nokia 6

Nokia is finally making a comeback, and has launched the Nokia 6, which features 4GB of RAM, a 16MP camera, and more. The catch? It has a lackluster processor and is only available in China.

In response to Nokia lawsuit, Apple pulls all Withings products

Just a few days after Nokia announced a series of lawsuits against the iEmpire, Apple seems to have tacitly agreed to engage in battle by pulling all Withings products from its digital shelves.

Happy holidays, Apple! Santa delivers a patent lawsuit from Nokia

Undeterred by the holiday season, Nokia is suing Apple, and has filed patent-related complaints against the tech giant in both Germany and the United States. No fewer than 32 patents are involved in this latest lawsuit.

Details of Nokia's forthcoming flagships, the Nokia P and Nokia C1, emerge

Leaked images and specs of the Nokia C1 and Nokia P, two flagship Nokia smartphones reportedly bound for store shelves later this year, have emerged. Here is everything you need to know.

Nokia and HMD Global’s first new phone probably isn’t one you’ll want

Nokia, with new partner HMD Global, has announced its first mobile phone together: The Nokia 150. Sadly, it's not an Android phone, or even a smartphone; it's a feature phone, just like the ones with which Nokia first made its name.
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FitBit snaps up Pebble in bid to stay alive in shrinking wearables market 3:14

Also today: Apple looks to the skies - but not space - to improve the Maps app, and Nokia's classic 'candy bar' phones may return to the market.
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Yes, it’s official, new Nokia Android smartphones are coming in early 2017

The agreement between Nokia and HMD Global is final, which means it will soon be able to release new smartphones with the Nokia name attached to them. How soon? We're told to expect them early next year.

Nokia fan? Those new phones you’re waiting for may arrive at Mobile World Congress 2017

Gathering evidence points to Nokia and HMD Global using Mobile World Congress 2017 as the launchpad for its new smartphones. Both companies have a strong presence already confirmed at the show.

Watch Nokia’s canceled smartwatch in action in this leaked video

The Nokia Moonraker, Nokia's smartwatch that was shelved after Microsoft bought the company's mobile division in 2014, has been shown off in a new leaked video. The video shows the device showing notifications, emails, messages, and so on.

Nokia’s XG-FAST protocol pushes 8Gbps across standard copper telephone line

Nokia teamed up with Australia's National Broadband Network to test out a new DSL protocol on a normal copper telephone line, which pushed a speed of 8Gbps. The protocol is called XG-FAST, but the fiber-like speed is limited to the line's…