HMD’s Nokia 3310 throwback will last for a month on standby: Our first take

If 2017's Mobile World Congress isn't throwing enough nostalgia at you with BlackBerry's QWERTY phone announcement, you're in for a doozy with the reintroduction of the Nokia 3310.

Nokia to rebrand Withings portfolio, redesign HealthMate app

Nokia acquired health-and-fitness technology company Withings last year, and it has finally made a decision about which brand name to use. All existing and future Withings products will now be sold under the Nokia brand, starting this…

Nokia has confidence its VR cameras, smartphones, 5G tech will drive growth

At the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona, Finnish company Nokia outlined its plans for growth. Those plans include new smartphones, medical devices, virtual reality cameras, and more.

The Nokia 8 was just listed on -- could its release be imminent?

Rumor has it that up to seven Android handsets bearing the Nokia brand name will be released in 2017. Rumors and leaks regarding the upcoming devices have been gradually appearing.

BlackBerry sues Nokia, alleging networking patent infringement

Two former smartphone kings, Nokia and BlackBerry, are now embroiled in a lawsuit involving patents relating to networking gear. BlackBerry filed suit, claiming that Nokia is infringing on 11 patents,
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YouTube star PewDiePie has show canceled over anti-Semitic jokes, pranks 2:52

Also today: Reborn Nokia may bring back a classic cell phone, Apple may take its MacBook Pro to Kaby Lake this year.

Nokia may be cooking up a giant 18.4-inch tablet for MWC

Nokia is aiming to launch six or seven devices by year's end, and it appears one of them could be a powerful 18.4-inch tablet running Android 7.0 that may make its debut as soon as Mobile World Congress next month.

Scientists transform a Nokia 1020 into a microscope to save lives

Scientists have transformed a Nokia 1020 into a DNA-sequencing microscope using a breakthrough, inexpensive 3D-printed apparatus. The same idea could work with other smartphones in the future. The idea is to make the etch cheap and easy to…

Leaked high-performance Nokia P1 looks exciting, but there may be more to it than that

A comprehensive leak may have spilled many of the details about the Nokia P1, one of the new devices to be launched by Nokia in 2017. Except the leaked device is very similar to one made by Sharp. Are we being deceived?

Look out Siri! Nokia is reportedly building a digital assistant of its own

Google Assistant and Apple's Siri may soon have some competition. Recent reports indicate that Nokia (the company, not the brand that just launched the Nokia 6 phone) is working on its own digital assistant.

Nokia gets back in the phone game with its first Android model, the Nokia 6

Nokia is finally making a comeback, and has launched the Nokia 6, which features 4GB of RAM, a 16MP camera, and more. The catch? It has a lackluster processor and is only available in China.

In response to Nokia lawsuit, Apple pulls all Withings products

Just a few days after Nokia announced a series of lawsuits against the iEmpire, Apple seems to have tacitly agreed to engage in battle by pulling all Withings products from its digital shelves.