Raspberry Pi

A $35 computer can run Windows 10? Latest Raspberry Pi is a powerhouse

To everyone's surprise, an all-new Raspberry Pi has been launched at the same $35 price point with far superior hardware and software support.

Imagination takes a piece of the Pi with its Creator CI20

Imagination Technologies has released a Raspberry Pi competitor called the CI20. What it lacks in name it makes up for in hardware, but the company's alternative is $65, over twice the price of an entry-level Pi.

From robots, to jukeboxes, the AMD-backed Gizmo 2 can power just about anything

Looking to build a unique computer from scratch? The Gizmo 2 development board is pricier than a Raspberry Pi, but also much more powerful.

The latest slice of Raspberry Pi costs $20, is thinner, and needs less juice to get cooking

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken the wraps off a smaller, cheaper version of its mini-computer. Here's the full scoop on the Raspberry Pi Model A+.

SnapPiCam is a Raspberry Pi interchangeable lens camera you hack together

The SnapPiCam is a self-powered, interchangeable lens camera that's powered by Raspberry Pi. Currently on Kickstarter, the SnapPiCam comes as a kit that you put together by using common tools.

Otto is the Raspberry Pi camera that insists you hack it, so it can do awesome new things

Otto is a Raspberry Pi-based camera that can be customized to take unique photos and perform tricks, among others. The camera has a crank that lets you create animated GIFs easily and quickly simply by winding it.

Engineer builds his own cell phone with a Raspberry Pi

Since the Raspberry Pi first appeared in 2012, it's been used for all kinds of purposes. The latest ingenious project to use the miniature computer is a working cell phone complete with touchscreen.

Start your own digital camera manufacturing business with this Raspberry Pi tutorial

Sure, you can buy a digital camera for around $100 off the shelf, but wouldn't it be more fun to build one for the same money? You can with Raspberry Pi and a touchscreen fro Adafruit, and even add Wi-Fi capability to it.

Raspberry Pi camera module now available as a bundle for the bargain price of $40

Thanks to a new camera module, the Raspberry Pi low-power mini computer can be turned into time-lapse camera, security camcorder, or anything you can think up. The camera is now available as a bundle for $40.
Cool Tech

Need to water your lawn? The Raincloud has already taken care of it for you

The RainCloud is a Wi-Fi connected, automated watering system that irrigates your lawn or plants with a Raspberry Pi computer and basic parts. An attached sensor measures the ground conditions to let the RainCloud know when to start…

Make your own Raspberry Pi-powered media streamer with the XBMC kit from element14

For just $70, you can turn your single-board Raspberry Pi computer into a wireless media hub capable of 1080p playback. The hub supports files from all platforms, including Apple, Windows, Android, and even Linux.

Raspberry Pi-powered handheld console takes shape on The Ben Heck Show

In part two of The Ben Heck Show, master modder Ben Heckendorn shows you how to 3D-print your own case and put your Raspberry Pi portable gamer together with lots of wires and a hot glue gun.