Raspberry Pi

Think the Raspberry Pi is underpowered? Here’s 10 projects that prove you wrong

The Raspberry Pi is an amazing device that can be used in ways you'd never guess. We've found ten of the best projects yet finished, and you may be surprised by how functional some are.
Home Theater

Pair this kit with a Raspberry Pi for the DIY headphone amp of your dreams

Looking for a DAC/tube amp combo to power your headphones or feed your other stereo gear but don't have a lot of cash to spend? Now all you need is a Raspberry Pi and this $120 kit, now on Kickstarter.

Sony’s higher-resolution sensor spices up Raspberry Pi’s camera module

The Raspberry Pi's optional camera sensor accessory finally received an upgrade to Sony's IMX219 mobile device sensor, offering 8.08 million active pixels for the same $25 price tag. The previous board only provided a 5MP camera sensor…
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: How to auto tweet your ISP when your Internet slows down

Sick of the slow and unpredictable broadband speeds you get from your Internet service provider? Build this simple monitoring device to log your speeds throughout the day and hold your ISP accountable.

Someone turned a Game Boy into the ultimate arcade machine using Raspberry Pi

Warner Skoch might be a regular mobile app developer by day, but by night, he's making history by transforming a classic handheld gaming device into the ultimate modern day arcade machine.

Learn how to build your own Amazon Echo

Love Alexa, but don't love the aesthetics of the Amazon Echo? Thanks to the genius of collaborative thinking over at GitHub, there's now a full set of instructions on how to get Alexa to work on naught more than a Raspberry Pi.

5 fun, easy projects anyone can try with a $35 Raspberry Pi 3:54

Anyone can afford a $35 Raspberry Pi, but what do you do with this blank slate of computing to get started? We have 5 easy, useful ideas that anyone can pull off.

ODROID-C2 is a faster Raspberry Pi 3 alternative with more memory

If you were thinking of ordering the Raspberry Pi 3, but didn't feel that its wireless connectivity was that exciting, consider the ODROID-C2 instead. For a few dollars more, you get double the memory and a faster processor.

Raspberry Pi 3 packs new features with low price of $35 1:58

The Raspberry Pi 3 is available now, offering up a significant upgrade over its predecessor thanks to its improved networking abilities, souped up CPU, and attention-grabbing price point.

The next Raspberry Pi knows Wi-Fi

A new Raspberry Pi model known as Raspberry Pi 3 Model B is making rounds around the internet. The biggest new feature is undoubtedly Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

Want to play GTA V on your Raspberry Pi 2? Well, you can’t – but it now supports OpenGL!

An experimental OpenGL driver makes hardware accelerated OpenGL possible on the Raspberry Pi, meaning some 3D games can now run smoothly on the tiny PC.

In a desperate grasp for popularity, Samsung’s Tizen OS has been ported to Raspberry Pi

Linux-based collaboration projects Yocto and OpenEmbedded may have just made Samsung's dream of full-on Tizen 3.0 OS on Raspberry Pi a reality, but will it inflict widespread adoption?