Stanford study says T-Mobile’s Binge On is illegal

Just a day after announcing the expansion of its Binge On program, T-Mobile may need to consider rolling it back. According to a Stanford University study, the contentious perk for certain Un-carrier subscribers is "likely illegal."

T-Mobile’s Binge On program is growing again

Today, the self-proclaimed Un-carrier T-Mobile added Amazon Video, Fox News, Univision Now, and the WWE Network to its ever-expanding list of "free" streaming services included in the controversial Binge On program.

T-Mobile’s prepaid plans just got more data without a price bump

T-Mobile's beefing up its Simple Choice Prepaid Plan offerings, adding gigabytes without raising prices. The improved plans are launching on the heels of its Half-Off Smartphone event.

Labor union group accuses T-Mobile of 'deceptive' practices, files FCC complain

Labor union group Change to Win has filed a complaint with the FCC against T-Mobile, citing the company's "deceptive and unfair practices" in regard to its "Un-contract" marketing strategy.

Get a new phone for cheap at T-Mobile’s Half-Off Smartphone Event

On Wednesday, T-Mobile launched its Half-Off Smartphone Event that allows both new and existing T-Mobile Simple Choice customers to buy all Samsung, LG, and other smartphones for 50 percent off when they buy another device.

Wireless carriers are busting each other’s balls, and we are winning

Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint are locked in a big battle over who makes the best colorful balls commercial. We break down what it means and who really has the most (and biggest) balls.

Leasing an iPhone on T-Mobile and Sprint is now a lot more expensive

Both Sprint and T-Mobile have quietly and steeply raised their iPhone leasing rates in recent months. The bottom line? In lieu of a spectacular deal, you're better off buying outright.

T-Mobile’s drinking game invites you to take a sip each time Verizon says ‘millennial’

T-Mobile has posted instructions for a drinking game to play during Verizon's upcoming earnings call. It involves, as you might expect, a bit of binging. Every time Verizon says "millennials" or another buzzword, you've got to drink.

Sprint customer? MetroPCS will halve your bill when you switch

Sprint recently extended its 'Biggest Deal in U.S. Wireless History', but MetroPCS is spoiling the fun with its own family deal for Sprint customers, and is even throwing in a free 4G LTE for customers that switch.

Netflix supports T-Mobile’s Binge On, although it aggressively fights Comcast data caps

T-Mobile has faced criticism of its Binge On program on all sides, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings voiced support for the program in an earnings call this week, saying it is a fair and unique service.
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Have Binge On? Want to make use of your full HD display? Now there’s a faster way

Previously you had to log on to T-Mobile's website to toggle Binge On, the service that lets you stream videos without having it count toward your data pool. Now, there are a few short codes you can dial on your smartphone to quickly turn…

T-Mobile’s Legere defends Binge On yet again, this time in an open letter to consumers

T-Mobile's Binge On has been under criticism from the EFF and consumers for throttling and violating net neutrality. CEO John Legere makes his defense in an open letter to consumers.