Galaxy S7 gets very wet in T-Mobile’s underwater unboxing 2:00

For its latest marketing stunt, T-Mobile jumped into a swimming pool with Samsung's just-announced Galaxy S7 smartphone to perform an unboxing and test out its new waterproof capability.

Get ready for 5G: T-Mobile joins AT&T and Verizon with 5G testing plans

T-Mobile announced that it will begin testing 5G service later this year, but doesn't expect to commercially deploy it for some time. 5G promises speeds of up to 1Gbps -- fast enough to download a Blu-ray movie in 3 minutes.

T-Mobile continues to deliver results, profits more than triple during the 4th quarter 2015

T-Mobile continues to shatter expectations. The Un-carrier nearly triples its net profit year-on-year and adds 8.3 million net customers during the fourth quarter 2015. However, 2016 might not be as spectacular.

T-Mobile is turning its earnings call into a drinking game

How interesting can a quarterly report on a company's performance really get? Apparently, really interesting when you turn it into a drinking game, as per the suggestion of the Un-carrier, T-Mobile.

T-Mobile offers up a free tablet, discounts on phones and accessories for Valentine’s Day

Forget chocolates and teddy bears. Get your sweetie a tablet for free this Valentine's Day with T-Mobile's Tablet on Us promotion. If they already have a tablet, then grab a discounted new phone or accessory instead.

T-Mobile ranks highest in customer satisfaction

According to the recently released results of the J.D. Power 2016 U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study, T-Mobile customers are the most satisfied in the industry.

T-Mobile’s new family plan provides four people with unlimited data for $150

It's a good time to be a family of four. T-Mobile has just announced the latest in a series of promotions that'll get you and three others unlimited data for just $150, which they're heralding as the "best-ever pricing for families."

Conveniently small, ZTE’s new 4G LTE hotspot is just $80 through T-Mobile

ZTE's newest mobile hotspot is small enough to be convenient, and cheap enough to be accessible. It's just $80 though T-Mobile, and has been optimized to work on the carrier's 4G LTE network.
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Alphabet comes before Apple: Google’s parent now most valuable company in the world 2:38

Alphabet's stock soared on the heels of an earnings statement that exceeded projections, edging it past a struggling Apple by $20 Billion in combined share value.

T-Mobile’s network is finally worthy: the Un-carrier goes toe-to-to with AT&T and Verizon

T-Mobile is no longer just a network with cheap prices and lousy service. The latest OpenSignal report shows T-Mobile is now on par with AT&T, and it's closing the gap with Verizon Wireless.

T-Mobile gets you a free smartphone (sort of) if you join one of its prepaid plans

T-Mobile kicks off a new promotion that nets new customers a free smartphone if they sign up for a prepaid plan. Only select, low-end phones are included in the deal, and users have to buy it first before T-Mobile sends them a rebate for…

Stanford study says T-Mobile’s Binge On is illegal

Just a day after announcing the expansion of its Binge On program, T-Mobile may need to consider rolling it back. According to a Stanford University study, the contentious perk for certain Un-carrier subscribers is "likely illegal."