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Twitter’s small diversity gains result in cautious outlook for 2017

Twitter is still struggling to reflect the inclusiveness of its diverse platform when it comes to its internal workforce. Despite making gains and meeting its targets, its numbers for underrepresented minorities remain low.
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Don’t you forget about meme: Relive Vine’s glory days on its web archive

Twitter's Vine preservation efforts are well and truly underway in the wake of its demise earlier this week. On Friday, the Twitter-owned platform announced that it’s transforming its website into a Vine Archive.
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President Trump shares first tweet from the official @POTUS Twitter account

Find out about all the official White House social media accounts President Donald J. Trump and his entire administration are inheriting, and how you can follow along online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
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Twitter is finally ditching its neglected ‘Buy’ button once and for all

Twitter is killing off its “buy” button as it moves away from ecommerce for good. The feature never really took off on the platform despite mobile-commerce features gaining traction on the likes of Messenger and Pinterest.

Google acquisition could make it easier for developers to create apps

Looks like Google is buying (part of) Twitter after all. The companies have announced that Google will acquire Twitter's developer products, including the likes of Fabric, which owns and operates Crashlytics.
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Vine is officially dead and gone, but there’s still time to save your old uploads

Vine is officially shutting down today on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. If you were a user of the original app, you still have time to download your old creations today. Here's how you can grab all your old Vines before they disappear…
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Twitter competitor shuts down after years of struggle

The bell tolls for Five years after the ambitious app first launched, with high hopes of becoming the Twitter alternative, it has thrown in the towel. You have until March 17 of this year to export your data.
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Twitter to live-stream Trump's inauguration in partnership with PBS

President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration will stream live on his favorite social platform: Twitter. PBS NewsHour will be the exclusive broadcast partner for the six-hour event.
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President Obama’s farewell address is the first bona fide social media hit of 2017

President Barack Obama's final speech to the American people attracted the most social media activity of any televised event of 2017 -- so far. In the speech, he warned of the adverse effects of technologies like automation on middle-class…
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Twitter's Dashboard app will soon be no more, but its best features may live on

Twitter Dashboard, the app aimed at business users, is shutting down on February 3 — just over seven months since it was launched. However, its demise may not be so bad for the larger Twitter community.
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Here's where to catch Sunday's Golden Globes show

The Golden Globes, the first big movies/TV awards show of the season, air on Sunday night. We've got a list of the several different platforms you can watch the show on, including live streams.
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Welcome to London: Airbnb is using Twitter live 360 video to showcase travel spots

Airbnb is one of the first brands to jump on Twitter’s recently launched live 360 video feature. The online accommodation marketplace is tapping its hosts and local insiders to showcase a selection of homes and experiences.