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Jessica Jones is four times more popular on Twitter than The Man in the High Castle

Netflix and Marvel's new show "Jessica Jones" debuted on November 20th alongside Amazon's newest drama series "The Man in The High Castle" and attracted more attention on Twitter than its Amazon counterpart. The Twitter performance of…
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Relax, Drake isn’t dead, but his death hoax continues to spread

Rapper Drake is the victim of a new hoax claiming he died in a car accident over the weekend. The hoax may have started in a Buzzfeed Community post and has appeared on the front page of Yahoo News.
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Social media used to track harmful side effects of narcotics medication

A recent study tracking social media platforms revealed harmful side effects when patients were prescribed narcotics for pain. Data also provided information regarding whether patients were adequately informed of potential side effects.
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Artist’s simple ‘Peace for Paris’ drawing is the Internet’s symbol for solidarity

Jean Jullien's "Peace for Paris" symbol appeared as a simple doodle after the Paris attacks, but has become a widespread symbol through social media expressing solidarity among the global community.

Twitter battles: T-Mobile CEO lambasts Sprint’s ‘half-off’ deal

T-Mobile's CEO John Legere took to Twitter and Periscope to bash Sprint and it's latest promotion, which offers to cut customers' bills in half if they switch -- again. Legere also said the company is imploding.
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Twitter's emoji reactions might solve its 'heart' problem

A Twitter user recently uncovered what could be new emoji reaction buttons that could be used to respond to tweets, possibly intended to address the limitations inherent in the new heart button.

New app “Notify” from Facebook tries to be like Twitter for your lock-screen 1:36

Facebook's latest app "Notify" aims to create a timeline of news on your lock-screen. We went hands-on with the new app and shared our thoughts in this quick video.
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The Amazing Race goes viral, casting YouTube and Vine stars for new season

The new season of CBS' The Amazing Race features a cast of social media stars from Youtube, Vine and Instagram.
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Social media data may help detect and prevent food illness outbreaks

The FSA in the UK uses social media hashtags and images indicating sickness to detect, track, and monitor data with the hope of catching and addressing food poisoning sooner to prevent widespread outbreaks.
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A hashtag for taxi riders to share experiences backfires spectacularly

An Australian taxi association says its Twitter campaign asking customers for feedback on its service has not been an epic fail, despite most people responding with tales ranging from the mildly critical to the downright scary.
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Taco Bell has 600 hilarious GIFs and images for you to express your taco love

To celebrate the arrival of the taco emoji, Taco Bell is launching a new social media campaign that includes the taco emoji engine, a Twitter feature that generates GIFs and images from 600 possible emoji combinations.
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Periscope Android update lets you fast-forward and rewind video replays

Periscope is updating its Android app to include fast-forward and rewind options for video replays. The new functions are also available on the Web version of the Twitter-owned video broadcasting service.