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Twitter safe search will now automatically hide ‘sensitive’ content on Android

One of Twitter's latest anti-abuse features is now automatically enabled on Android. The move sees the platform take a more proactive approach by hiding offensive tweets from various sections of its site using algorithms.
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People who use these phrases are more likely to stick to their diet

Researchers studied the words and phrases of more than 2 million tweets and over 100,000 daily fitness app entries. They found that people who use more positive phrases were more likely to stick to their day-to-day diet plan.
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Gordon Ramsay is eviscerating people on Twitter, and everyone loves it

If you've seen what he's willing to say on national television, then surely, you can't be surprised by what he's willing to spout on social media. We're talking about Gordon Ramsay, who is taking his cringe-worthy criticism to Twitter.
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Twitter’s customer support profiles show you’re chatting with a human, not a bot

Twitter is introducing custom profiles for businesses in order to personalize the customer support experience within direct messages on its platform. The feature is launching in partnership with T-Mobile.
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Twitter to live-stream one-off Showtime Championship Boxing event

Twitter is set to live-stream Showtime Sports’ telecast of its Championship Boxing triple-header this Saturday, headlined by a welterweight clash between four-division world champion Adrien Broner and Adrian Granados.

15 seconds of fame: Add yourself to Maroon 5's latest music video using your phone

To help promote its latest single, Cold, Maroon 5 has partnered with shared media company Vivoom to allow fans to upload a 15-second video onto the group's website and have it inserted into the music video.
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Twitter is now placing a timeout on the activity of abusive users

Twitter is reportedly putting abusive users in the naughty corner. The social platform's latest safety measure places a temporary timeout on accounts deemed to be using abusive language against other users.
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Twitter to show you more video content in trends and on timelines

Twitter wants you to watch more videos. To help give user-generated clips and professional live-streams maximum exposure the platform is surfacing video in more places, including the top trends feed.
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You are what you tweet: Twitter reveals how America eats and exercises

Called the Lexicocalorimeter, a new tool is scanning Twitter for mentions of food and exercise to track how America is eating and staying healthy. Or, judging from all the pizza and TV references, how we're not.
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J.K. Rowling-Piers Morgan Twitter spat prompts one bookstore to take action

Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling and former CNN anchor Piers Morgan got into a fight on Twitter recently. Lots of their followers were quick to get involved, though one British bookshop's response certainly stood out.
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Twitter kills off latest safety update after wave of negative feedback

Twitter is reversing a safety update aimed at combatting harassment on its site after it was criticized by users of the social platform. Twitter quickly admitted that the change was a "misstep" on its part.
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Cheap date: Tinder will reward your emoji-only story with Valentine’s Day cash

Tinder has started a contest to reward people with funds for Valentine's Day dates to whomever gives the best date proposals using nothing but emojis. Tinder will spend a total of $10,000 to reward up to $500 to each winning…