The Best Unlimited Data Plan: Verizon vs. T-Mobile vs. AT&T vs. Sprint

Sorting though unlimited plans isn't exactly a walk in the park. We've compared the unlimited plans from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon to help you decide which one is best for you.

Verizon gets serious about 5G: Testing imminent in 11 U.S. locations

Verizon first laid out its goals for 5G deployment at last year's Mobile World Congress, but now the company has identified specific markets and a time frame for the testing of its next-generation wireless tech.
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Verizon to stick with Yahoo! purchase, but at new scratch-and-dent price 2:31

Plus: Samsung looks to refurbish the infamous Galaxy Note 7 phones for resale, and WhatsApp wants to know your status.

Verizon undercuts its own lowest price with 2GB postpaid plan for $40 a month

For customers who don't need unlimited data, Verizon now offers a more affordable option: A 2GB tier of postpaid data for $40 a month. It's launching this week for new and existing customers.

Verizon will acquire Yahoo at even bigger discount than originally reported

Yahoo's security breaches are costing the company more than a quarter of a billion dollars. Verizon Communications, which previously agreed to pay $4.8 billion for the tech giant, has now renegotiated a lower price.

AT&T caves to the competition, suddenly serves up a new unlimited data plan

AT&T, responding to pressure from Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile, announced a new unlimited data plan that doesn't require customers to subscribe to its streaming television services.

Carriers compete: Sprint launches unlimited deal after Verizon, AT&T do

When carriers compete, you win. Verizon's recent reintroduction of its unlimited data plan has set off a feeding frenzy among the big four cell phone service providers. The latest company to unveil a new unlimited deal is Sprint.

Yahoo is warning users over state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks

Yahoo has sent out a new warning to some users regarding allegedly state-sponsored cookie-forging attacks. It is believed that hackers were able to steal the company’s cookie source code to conduct the attacks.

T-Mobile undercuts Verizon’s unlimited plan, throws in HD video for good measure

In response to Verizon's newly resurfaced unlimited data plan, T-Mobile not only revised its own unlimited One plan to include HD video and high-speed tethering, but also lowered its price.
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Verizon rolls out unlimited data plan to keep up with competition

Also today: Google wants you to share your favorite Maps locations, Apple joins a wireless charging group ahead of iPhone 8 launch.

It’s finally back — Verizon again offers its unlimited plan to eager customers

It looks like peer pressure really works. Or at least, healthy competition among the leading mobile providers does. After enduring what seems like years of ridicule from T-Mobile and Sprint, Verizon is finally back in the…

Drop your phone? Verizon offers same-day, on-site screen repair in select cities

Verizon customers with select devices can now request a technician to meet them at home or work — provided they live in one of the locations where the carrier is launching the program — to have a shattered display immediately replaced.