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Xbox 360 Dashboard update unifies Microsoft’s entertainment businesses, but challenges remain

The latest update fo the Xbox 360 dashboard is slowly releasing in different territories starting this week, brining new features like Internet Explorer to the platform. Microsoft still has changes to make before it perfects its digital entertainment…


Microsoft Points out, real money in with Windows 8 launch

No more Microsoft Points! Microsoft's unpopular virtual currency system will be phased out in favor of real money prices on Windows 8.


Happy Wars, Xbox Live’s first free-to-play game, arrives October 12

Microsoft has decided to embrace the free to play fad by bringing Happy Wars to the Xbox Live Arcade.


Microsoft now offers tangible rewards for your Achievement points

Microsoft's Achievement points just acquired some actual, real-world value.


Marvel Vs Capcom Origins review: Nostalgia sells, ’nuff said

Wolverine battles Mega Man once again as Capcom offers gamers the reheated roots of the Marvel Vs Capcom franchise.


DayZ on Xbox Live Arcade? “We’d be stupid not to,” says Bohemia Interactive

DayZ's journey from plucky mod to full PC game has been quick. Now it looks like Dean Hall's zombie sim will make it to consoles.


Tekken Tag Tournament 2 review

Not only is Tekken Tag Tournament 2 the biggest King Of Iron Fist tournament yet, it's also the best.


Microsoft and Xbox Live throw their support behind GaymerCon

Microsoft released a video this week committing their support to GaymerCon, the first LGBT gaming convention.


NBC News app for Xbox Live illuminates Xbox’s future in television

Comcast and Microsoft strengthen their partnership on Xbox with an NBC News app. What does it mean for Xbox's future?


GameStop says its used games business generates $1.8 billion for developers, publishers

Digital distribution is eroding GameStop's business with each passing day, but the retailer claims developers short support its stores.


Xbox Live is down, the Internet holds its breath (Updated)

Prepare to freak out: Xbox Live service went down earlier today, Microsoft is investigating the cause.


Microsoft to announce new tablet later today (It happened!)

A new rumor points to a possible Barnes & Noble branded tablet that can access Xbox Live. Will it be announced today?


Microsoft releases its first Xbox-branded Android game

Xbox's expansion beyond the confines of Windows devices kicks off with the release of Kinectimals on the Google Play store.


Digital Blend: The Walking Dead – Episode One finally shambles into release

Welcome to Digital Blend, your one-stop-shop for coverage and recommendations of all things relating to mobile gaming, digital marketplaces, and indie titles (for the week ending April 29).


Xbox Live entertainment apps free for all this weekend

Don't own an Xbox Live Gold account? No problem! This weekend you can enjoy the service's video content and online entertainment offerings free of charge.