Joshua Pramis

Joshua Pramis

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Spending a childhood engrossed in such technologically inspiring television shows like Voltron, Small Wonder, and Power Rangers, it's really no surprise that all things digital continue to inspire and amaze Joshua. After working as an editor for Travel + Leisure for 7 years, he left to take on the freelance world. And while doesn't look forward to a complete Cylon takeover, he does eagerly await the day he can become half cyborg.

Researchers use Wi-Fi signals to see through walls

A professor at MIT developed a way to use modified Wi-Fi signals to see through walls. The technology could be used to expedite disaster rescue efforts and may even make waves in the gaming industry.

British Airways testing out new E Ink luggage tags

A company called Designworks teamed up with British Airways to develop an E-Ink luggage tag that is designed to help baggage reach its destination without fail. The tag will be updated via the customer's smartphone, which should also help…

New iPhone dock doubles as smoke and carbon monoxide detector

A new Kickstarter project proposes an iPhone 5 dock that doubles as a top notch smoke and carbon monoxide detector. If successful, the company has plans to release additional versions of the dock for both Android and Windows devices.

Doctor uses Google Glass to livestream operation

A surgeon in Maine, and early Google Glass adopter, was the first person to use the device to broadcast a live-streaming video of surgery on a patient. The doctor was sure to secure the patient's privacy before proceeding.

Apple testing motion detection in iOS 7, but who will use it?

Apple is testing out basic motion detection, potentially introducing head gesture control when it releases iOS 7 later this fall. The option has limited functionality and is currently accessible to developers trying out the beta version.

Sprint launches new Windows Phones: HTC 8XT and Samsung Ativ S Neo

Today, Sprint announced the summer launch of two new Windows Phone 8 devices, the HTC 8XT and Samsung Ativ S Neo. The phones, with yet-to-be-announced released dates, will be on the affordable end of the spectrum, with two-year agreement…

Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 Zoom bridges the (narrowing) divide between phone and camera

At today's Samsung Premiere 2013, the South Korean company finally debuted the much-anticipated Galaxy S4 Zoom, showing off all of the specs and capabilities of the smartphone, the first and only with a 10x optical zoom lens.

Androidly is the first Android-powered smartwatch

Androidly is a new smartwatch that is the first ever to be powered by Android. The device operates on its own, without needing to be paired with a smartphone; an upcoming Kickstarter campaign will help fund its initial production costs.

Intel CTO hints at smartwatch-like concept in the works

Intel's chief technology officer confirmed that the company is working on a smartwatch-like concept, with a function that emphasizes texting. Could this be the device it's long been rumored to be collaborating on with Apple?
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Dead battery? NYC introduces solar-powered phone charging stations around the city

Street Charge, free solar powered mobile charging stations, are being introduced throughout pedestrian-heavy parts of New York City. The project is a collaboration between Goal Zero, Pensa, and AT&T.

Sony Xperia Z is coming exclusively to T-Mobile

T-Mobile issued a press release announcing that it will be the exclusive carrier to offer Sony's Xperia Z smartphone in the U.S. The phone is expected to start selling on its Web site and in stores early July.

You can already make your Android phone look like iOS 7

A new custom theme allows Android 4.0+ users to get a taste of iOS 7 without an iPhone, mimicking the new Jony Ive design that was recently unveiled. Besides the look, its creator also added custom apps to help deliver a more authentic…