Trustpilot survey shows us how much we like to complain

We've been gifted with a range of platforms by which to make our voices (and our grievances) heard, and now, Trustpilot has released results from a survey examining the top methods of complaining.

Everything you wanted to know about VPNs, but didn’t want to ask

As internet surveillance becomes an increasingly contentious topic, many people are turning to virtual private networks for privacy. But what exactly are VPNs? We examine how they work, how to use them, and what limitations they have.
Social Media

Chewbacca mom viral video shatters Facebook Live records

What do you get when you cross a mom, a talking Chewbacca mask, and Facebook Live? The answer is a record-breaking viral video that's taking the Internet by storm, and making a star out of a 38-year-old mother of two.
Virtual Reality

You can now go shopping inside a virtual reality department store

Say hello to what eBay is calling the world's first virtual reality department store, which allows eager customers to browse through collections like clothing, electronics, and home goods as though you were actually, well, in the…

Create a unique 3D avatar for Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie and get a wad of cash

Warner Bros. is looking for talented individuals to create 3D avatars for the upcoming movie Ready Player One. Submissions must be made by 10 a.m. on June 23, and follow creation and submission guidelines. Winners will receive a…

Google sneaks in upgrade of Safe Browsing API, says it’s been guarding some users for months

Google has launched new APIs for its Safe Browsing service, which provides lists of known suspicious, malicious sites. The search giant says the feature provides an easy, lightweight way for developers to protect their users.

Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics partner to bring entrepreneur dreams to market

Indiegogo and Arrow Electronics announced their collaboration with hopes of creating a "new crowdfund-to-production platform aimed at accelerating the pace of innovation for technology and Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurs."

Pearl is Google's most interactive Spotlight Story yet

Google has released another Spotlight Story, this one putting you in the passenger seat. The video isn't just 360-degree, it changes depending on where you look, making it much more interactive.
Home Theater

EU seeking a quota on European content on streaming services

On Friday, the EU made moves toward allowing consumers to access their subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix, Sky, and Canal+ while they're making their way across the continent.

Tumblr blog replaces guns in notable movie moments with selfie sticks

Look out, there is a new meme on the block and it's causing all kinds of commotion. The new, and aptly named Guns Replaced With Selfie Sticks does exactly what the name implies. Pointless? Sure. Fun? You bet.

Houzz takes the crown as the Best App at the Google Play Awards

Google live-streamed the first-ever Google Play Awards yesterday at Google I/O. The company picked 10 winners across varying categories, ranging from most innovative, to best standout startup.

Google axes backspace navigation in Chrome, but might return it if geeks rebel

If you've ever lost a form full of typed information because you hit backspace at the wrong time or place, never fear. Google has your back. It's killing off the backspace navigation function to see how we all get on without it.