Apple sees first year-over-year revenue decline in 13 years on falling iPhone, Mac sales

Apple may have posted some disappointing earnings in the second quarter of 2016, but it's not all bad news -- services, like the App Store, have hit its highest revenue ever at $6 billion, 20 percent up from last year.
Social Media

Tired of trolls and slander, former Reddit exec launches Imzy, a positivity community

Former Reddit exec launches Imzy.com, a community that emphasizes finding what you want and a positive outlet. Its founders hope it can serve as a safe place for users.

The new YouTube app uses AI to learn just what you want to watch

An update to the YouTube app has been launched, offering a refined design and better video recommendations, thanks to artificial intelligence. YouTube is also launching new six-second 'bumper ads.'
Home Theater

Piracy could be on the rise in Canada following Netflix VPN shut-out

With Canadian Netflix users not being able to access content outside of their own country, they’re increasingly turning to piracy, which could be a major problem for Netflix considering the country’s number of cord-cutters.

Gmail for Android now supports Exchange accounts for everyone

Now, adding Microsoft Exchange accounts in Gmail is no longer restricted to a handful of devices. Google has enabled support for all Android devices. The update is still rolling out in phases, so it may be a while until you can download it…

Snowden accused of accelerating adoption of encryption

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has made claims that Jonathan Snowden's whistleblowing and public release of national security data accelerated encryption development and distribution by many years.

Amazon continues battle to rid site of fake reviews

Fake product reviews on Amazon threaten to undermine the site's integrity, and the e-commerce giant knows it. The company has just gone to court again, suing a number of individuals associated with firms that allegedly provide sellers with…

Busy? Readism tells you how long it takes to read every web article

Want to know whether to read that Web article right now or save it for later? Readism is a new Chrome extension that claims to accurately estimate how long a piece of text will take to read. And it'll even do the same for books.

Lingohop wants to make language learning personal, relevant to you

Lingohop is a new language-learning platform that launched on Kickstarter. It works through four-minute lessons based on topics you choose, and aims to teach you a language through relevant conversations you want to have.

Spotify denies breach, but hundreds of users may be dealing with its fallout

If you're a Spotify user, you may want to check your activity on the streaming service. The service may recently have suffered a breach, according to a new report, with hundreds of users' credentials being posted online.

A hacker group is threatening VPN providers with DDOS attacks

BlackVPN and a number of VPN providers and encrypted email services have all received DDOS threats from hacker group the Armada Collective, but BlackVPN is holding firm against the threats.

Friends in high places: Apple backers now include ex-national security officials

Former NSA and CIA directors, along with various other former officials have backed Apple in the encryption war. Their comments have angered U.S. law enforcement officials, who believe money is a motivating factor for their new stance.