TP-Link rebrands to focus on consumers, boosting market share in U.S.

TP-Link wants to improve its market share in the U.S. To do that, it needs a new brand and identity, and apparently a strong push into the smart home. The company recently opened a smart home business unit in the U.S.

SmugMug saves almost 200 million photos from shuttered Picturelife

Earlier this morning, photo hosting service Picturelife announced it was shutting down. To save the nearly 200 million photos users uploaded to its service, it partnered with SmugMug to keep users from being left in the dark.

Should you upgrade to T-Mobile One in September? We break it down

T-Mobile announced a new unlimited data plan recently and the question is if you should upgrade when it launches in September. Existing customers can stay on their current plan, and Simple Choice fixed data rates are still an option.

Microsoft’s Office 365 suite just got smarter by freeing Genee from its bottle

Microsoft said that it has acquired Genee, an intelligent service for scheduling meetings. Slated for Office 365, it's backed by a proprietary algorithm that is fine-tuned for natural language processing and decision making.

Get rid of Wi-Fi dead zones in your home with the Netgear Orbi

It's 2016, and you shouldn't have to deal with Wi-Fi dead zones in your home anymore. Netgear agrees, and the company best known for its routers is now taking a new approach to Wi-Fi. Meet the Orbi.
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North Korea has just launched its own Netflix-style streaming service

It's an on-demand video streaming service, but not as we know it. North Korea's recently launched "Manbang" service is no Netflix, but in a country where getting hold of any kind of streaming content is challenging enough, it may be better…
Social Media

Facebook's Lifestage app connects classmates, resurrecting its 2004 model

Lifestage, which is only available for iOS devices at the moment, describes itself on the App Store as the social network that “makes it easy and fun to share a visual profile of who you are with your school network."

Race through the Wikiverse for your next internet search

Wikiverse, a web-based interactive 3D visualization of Wikipedia displays the encyclopedia of the internet as a web of information, “turning it into a marvelous galaxy of knowledge you can explore with your mouse."
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Think that Yelp review doesn’t matter? Think again, suggests Trustpilot survey

Trying out a new place? Chances are, you hedged your bets by checking out a review beforehand. Don’t be shy – you can admit it. In fact, a new study by Trustpilot suggests that 88 percent of consumers say that reviews help.
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The Democratic National Convention was full of nonsensical gibberish and nobody noticed

It’ll be tough for the Democrats to come back from this one. A YouTube channel by the name of “Bad Lip Reading” has obtained unreleased footage from the DNC in Philadelphia last month, and it isn’t pretty.

Microsoft will reward you for using its Edge browser in converted loyalty program

Set to rebrand Bing Rewards as Microsoft Rewards, the loyalty system will not only give users exchangeable rewards points for using its search engine, Bing, but for also browsing the web with the Edge browser.

Love free stuff? Try winning some at myRobinHood

Now, you can get free stuff from myRobinHood, a brand new lifestyle giveaways platform that claims to be dong the impossible -- giving away free stuff that you actually want, like deals from Netflix, Kylie Cosmetics, Birchbox, and…