Boy, 8, learns to drive via YouTube tutorials before tootling off to McDonald’s

An eight-year-old boy used YouTube tutorials to learn how to drive before taking his little sister to McDonald's in the family car. Everyone who saw him drive past said he appeared to be a supreme driver.

YouTube pranksters just held the London subway’s first-ever drum ‘n’ bass rave

A team of YouTube pranksters decided to take over a London Underground train earlier this week for a drum 'n' bass rave. Fortunately, unsuspecting passengers stepping onto the car seemed happy to join the party.

New ‘BrickerBot’ malware attack kills unsecured Internet of Things devices

The Internet of Things has been the source of significant malware attacks in recent months, including the DDoS attack that took down the internet in October. Now a new piece of malware, dubbed BrickerBot, is targeting IoT devices.

20 actions were just added to Google Home, including Rotten Tomatoes and WikiHow

Google Home isn't slowing down in its mission to catch up to competitor smart home hub Amazon Echo, and it made significant progress this last week. The AI-based assistant added no fewer than 20 new skills.

From true crime to comedy, these are the best podcasts you can download now

Don’t drown in the vast, virtual sea of free podcasts. Check out our roundup of some of the best podcasts available, whether you're into up-and-coming music, comedy, or serialized story telling.

Firefox to add new controls to help users fine-tune their browser’s performance

Mozilla has announced plans to introduce new performance options to its Firefox web browser that will allow users to get the best possible browsing experience, even when using less powerful hardware.

Slack designs new message menus to help you communicate more efficiently

Slack has always been all about leveraging communication to boost productivity, and now, it's released yet another feature to help users do just that. They're called message menus.

Feds say they’ve finally killed notorious Kelihos spamming botnet

Kelihos, one of the longest running malicious botnets in the world, has been taken down by law enforcement, and they've even managed to arrest the alleged owner, who will now be sent to the U.S. to face charges.

Keep tabs on those no-good kids of yours with Amazon’s new Parent Dashboard

Amazon's new Parent Dashboard feature helps parents monitor their kids' Fire tablet activity through FreeTime, a curated collection of kid-friendly apps, videos, websites, and books.
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Bad doodler? Artificial intelligence can fix that too with Google’s AutoDraw

Can't draw? With Google's new AutoDraw, it's no problem since your sketches will be replaced by figures from actual artists. The tool uses an AI program to recognize the drawing, then replace it with one from a pro.

These VPN deals can help you protect your privacy without breaking the bank

The recent repeal of FCC regulations on ISPs has many people concerned about internet privacy. A VPN service can do a lot to secure your data, so we've collected some deals on VPN subscriptions and devices to help you protect your privacy.

Tweaks to Google’s image search allow you to buy items you see in photos

If you've ever looked at a Google image search results page and wished you had a product featured in a photo, you're likely to be a fan of Google's new Similar Items system, which makes it much easier to get your hands on an item.