New guidelines to protect smart home devices from botnets and privacy invasion

Following the October Dyn DDoS attack, an internet industry group has issued recommended practices to protect security and privacy of Internet of Things (IoT) smart home devices.
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Study: 80 percent of students can’t differentiate between real and fake news

An 18-month study in 12 states of nearly 8,000 students in junior high school through college found most couldn't judge news credibility accurately. Many were swayed by good design and writing, or could not discern conflicts of interest.

Amazon has dumped ‘incentivized’ reviews, but product ratings aren’t changing much

Amazon products' overall star ratings are based on 'verified purchasers,' not on incentivized reviews, in most cases. The perception that companies could influence ratings was enough to justify sweeping through and deleting Inventivized…

WhatsApp now lets you stream a video before it finishes downloading

WhatsApp has added a new feature to its app -- the ability to watch a video before that video finishes downloading. The new feature follows a slew of others from the company including the ability to video call contacts.

Russia asks web browser Opera to install a blacklist on its Turbo Mode feature

Opera had talks with Russian officials about the possibilities of implementing a blacklist on Turbo Mode to ensure that sites banned in Russia do not slip through the cracks. No deal has been made yet.

Buyer beware: Hackers target Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping weekend

Black Friday is typically associated with ramming through storefront doors to grab the best deals first. But many consumers will go online instead to snag the best deals and hackers are armed with websites and apps targeting them.

New Vivaldi browser offers users exciting customization options

Users already have great ability to customize their Vivaldi browser, and with the latest update, not only can you customize what you see on screen but now you can customize your physical world.

Amazon looks into live sports as it plots global launch

Amazon is taking another step toward satisfying cord cutters' every television need by potentially offering its customers access to live sports. The company has held negotiations for live game rights with industry giants like the NBA, MLB…

Netflix 4K streaming hits Windows 10 PCs — but only those with Intel ‘Kaby Lake’ CPUs

Windows 10 PCs and 2-in-1 devices can now stream Netflix in a 4K resolution, but there's a catch: It's an exclusive feature for the Microsoft Edge browser. On top of that, devices require a seventh-generation "Kaby Lake" Intel processor.

One of YouTube’s most prolific creators has just quit his popular daily vlog

Casey Neistat has built up quite a following on YouTube over the last 18 months. His channel has 5.8 million subscribers and his videos regularly get more than a million views. But now he's decided to quit his popular daily vlog.

You can now apply to Google's Early Adopter Program for G Suite's Team Drives

Google has kicked off its Early Adopter Program for the Team Drives feature in Google Drive. Originally announced in September alongside the broader G Suite overhaul, Team Drives serves as a file-management tool.

Canadian cellular firms face new competition from Freedom Mobile’s LTE networks

It looks like the Canadian carrier market is set to finally get another competitor -- Freedom Mobile, formerly known as Wind Mobile, is finally getting LTE. Initially, only the LG V20 and ZTE Grand X4 will work on the network, and only in…