Amazon launches a Skype competitor in the form of Amazon Chime

Amazon just keeps finding ways to help your small business grow. The latest offering to emerge from the online retail giant is Amazon Chime, a new project from Amazon Web Services.

Yahoo Mail gets a couple updates, including caller ID and photo syncing

Well, you can't say Yahoo Mail isn't trying. As of Monday, the Yahoo Mail app will behave as a file-sharing service between your mobile device and desktop, and also ID your incoming calls.
Virtual Reality

Spectator View provides a looking glass for all to see HoloLens holograms

Microsoft has added a spectator view feature to HoloLens, and released instructions on how to build a compatible DSLR camera setup. It's based on the firm's Mixed Reality Capture technology that combines live footage with holograms.

Google Fiber, AT&T Fiber turn Kentucky city into gigabit battleground

Back in the gigabit internet game with a wireless and fiber optic cable hybrid, Google Fiber is taking on AT&T Fiber in Louisville, Kentucky. AT&T is stringing cable and Google will employ the hybrid to cut wireline costs and hassle.

Help an endangered pangolin find his soulmate in Google's Valentine's Day Doodle

Ahead of Valentine's Day, Google has an adorable Doodle game that also doubles as an awareness campaign to save the vulnerable and sometimes critically endangered pangolin. In the game, you have to help a pangolin meet his long-distance…

Break out the birthday candles, Flickr just became a teenager

The image-sharing platform Flick is now 13 years old, though the company's vivid history isn't without a few growing pains. FLickr is asking users to share their 13 favorite photos with #Flickr13 to celebrate.

Prince’s classic albums are back on Spotify and other streaming sites

Ten months after his untimely death, Prince's classic albums have returned to Spotify and other streaming services. The late music legend pulled them from most streaming sites in 2015, but his estate worked to get them back online.

You can now explore seven countries in Africa thanks to Google Street View

Now, Google has added some of the highlights from the majestic continent of Africa to its Google Street View knowledge base. You can take virtual tours of "some of the most iconic landmarks and monuments in Ghana, Senegal, and Uganda."

Get Google Analytics, Salesforce, and Mixpanel information directly through Slack with Statsbot

Thanks to a new bot, you can also analyze data in your favorite chatroom. Given that Slack is found most commonly in agile, data driven startups where efficiency is king, Statsbot serves as a neat little solution.

FedEx takes on Amazon with the new FedEx Fulfillment program

Earlier this week, FedEx announced the launch of FedEx Fulfillment, a new network geared towards small and medium-sized businesses that will allow them to store their goods at FedEx warehouses across the United States and Canada

Facebook and Netflix binges sucking up your life? Xooloo to the rescue

Xooloo's apps for kids, teens, and parents has even broader application for anyone who wants to curb their digital time expenditure. While the apps were developed for parents and children, they can help anyone trying to manage digital…

Vintage Stock Photos now offers its entire collection to download for free

On Thursday, Vintage Stock Photos announced it released its entire collection for free, with a royalty-free license. The move puts the niche site in the same business model as parent company Freerange Stock.