Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year isn’t a word – it’s an emoji

It's true, there's been a lot of fuss over emoji this past year, a factor that has persuaded Oxford Dictionaries to choose one as its "Word of the Year" for 2015.

Callisto is a new sexual assault reporting system for the 21st century

A college sexual assault reporting system for the 21st century, Callisto intends to "provide a more empowering, transparent, and confidential reporting experience for college sexual assault survivors."

Anonymous launches ‘biggest operation ever’ against Islamic State

Hacktivist group Anonymous has posted a new video condemning the recent ISIS terror attacks in Paris, and stating that it'll continue its own war against the extremist group, which began in earnest earlier this year.

Why did Facebook turn on Safety Check for Paris and not Beirut? Zuckerberg explains

After Facebook activated its "Safety Check" feature in the wake of the Paris terror attacks, some wondered why the company hadn't also activated it for an attack in Beirut the day before. On Sunday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained.

The best subreddits to browse on Reddit

So, you've just joined the wonderful world of Reddit and want to explore it. With so many subreddits, navigating the "front page of the Internet" can be daunting. You're in luck -- we've got 21 subreddits to help get you started on the…
Cool Tech

This free 3D robot game could redefine how kids learn to code

Here to save the day is Code Warriors, described as "a new 3D coding game designed with special analytics tracking for students and teachers to learn coding in and outside of the classroom."

How do Americans really feel about tech? A Modis survey gives us some insight

When it comes to American exceptionalism, no industry is exempt from the assumption that here in the U.S., we do it better. And tech, unsurprisingly, is no exception to that rule.

There’s only so much time in the day: Pornhub reports traffic drop on Fallout 4 launch

Among the many impressive metrics of Fallout 4's monumental launch was one surprise: popular adult website Pornhub took a substantial hit to its traffic on launch day, which it attributed to the game.
Social Media

Facebook enables 360-degree video for iOS and Gear VR

Facebook has enabled 360-degree video support for iOS and, for those ambitious enough to adopt virtual reality early, Samsung's Gear VR. Only a few select content producers can upload 360-degree video at this time.

70 million prison phone calls hacked, legal rights possibly violated

The leaked data is described as containing the first and last names of prisoners, the phone numbers they called, the date, time, and duration of the calls, the Securus account numbers belonging to the inmates, and other information.
Home Theater

YouTube’s no-nonsense Music app drops the needle straight to the tunes 1:33

YouTube has launched a free new app for iOS and Android called YouTube Music, aimed at helping users listen to and discover new music based on their favorite youtube tracks and music videos.

Airbnb changes its tune, might help cities with housing crisis ban multiple listings

Airbnb has changed its position on offering information on hosts to city leaders, announcing a new system for cataloging rates, income, and other expenses. It may even start banning multiple listings in cities with a housing shortage.