Giphy Cam now lets you create shareable Snapchat-style GIFs in augmented reality

Giphy has updated Giphy Cam with a few great new features, but perhaps the coolest is that you can now use the app to create AR-style GIFs that can be shared across all your social media outlets.

Apple is making efforts to unify its cloud services into one location

Reports indicate Apple is moving to unify its cloud services, building a new proprietary platform codenamed Pie and bringing together development staff at its Infinite Loop campus.

AT&T just added 11 metro areas to its future gigabit fiber internet wait list

AT&T Fiber added 11 more metro areas to its future expansion list. AT&T's gigabit fiber internet service is currently available in 29 metro areas, with 16 more to be added by year's end.

Lightseekers Kickstarter aims to turn your toys into true game controllers

Bringing toys to life in video games seems to be a big trend these days, however most of the time the toys do not do much. Lightseekers hopes to change that, allowing you to use your figurines as in-game controllers.

Fast Ring gets access to Offline OneDrive files early through UWP app

Storing files offline is not a feature that every cloud user needs, but for those who do, the Universal Windows Platform app for OneDrive will soon support it. And in fact it does already if you are part of the Windows Insider Fast Ring.

Here's where you can buy everything Google just announced

Google has held a massive hardware event, taking the wraps off of devices such as the Pixel, Pixel XL, Google Home, the Daydream View, and more. Here's where you can buy or pre-order everything Google announced at the event.

Survey: People older than 55 aren’t protecting themselves online enough

A new report published by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has found that 86 percent of internet users over 55 don't believe that they are in danger of being targeted by cybercriminals.

Yahoo responds to allegations that it scanned emails for U.S. spy agencies

It hasn't been a great month for Yahoo. First we hear about a big data breach in 2014, and now apparently Yahoo secretly spied on millions of Yahoo Mail users, searching their incoming emails on behalf of U.S. spy agencies.

Tech giants distance themselves from Yahoo-style surveillance allegations

Following the explosive report on Yahoo's mass surveillance collaboration with the NSA, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft have all released statements denying that they’ve ever carried out any similar sorts of surveillance.

Google Fiber isn't just fiber anymore — now it offers wireless service, too

With its acquisition of high-speed wireless internet access provider Webpass now completed, Google Fiber gets ready to offer hybrid systems. Future deployments will be all-wireless, all-fiber, or a hybrid of each technology.

Deal sweetener: Amazon adds Prime Reading perk to its Prime service

Amazon has announced Prime Reading, a new addition to the Prime service that gives subscribers unlimited access to a diverse selection of books, graphic novels, and magazines that changes every month.
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Google’s Chromecast Ultra is ready to serve up 4K HDR for $69

Today, Google introduced a refresh of its Chromecast streaming device. It's called the Chromecast Ultra. While it costs nearly double the price of the old one, the latest Chromecast supports both 4K streaming and HDR for eye-popping video…