Hack shows government and military employees used their email addresses on hardcore fetish site

Email addresses belonging to government and military personnel have been spotted among the cache of hacked data pulled from a hardcore fetish forum that was secured using outdated software.

Philadelphia police used a ‘Google Maps’ SUV to read license plates

A police SUV was spotted in Philadelphia with Google Maps decals and two license plate surveillance cameras. The police said the decals are coming off, and they are starting an investigation into why they were on the vehicle in the first…

Microsoft outlaws all tech support ads on Bing

Bing search engine users will no longer be shown ads for tech support services alongside their search results, as Microsoft has banned such ads through a change to its Bing Ads User Safety Policy.

The FBI hacked into Firefox, and Mozilla wants to know how

The FBI found a vulnerability within Firefox's Tor Browser code to snoop on an alleged child pornography suspect. But a judge barred anyone from telling Mozilla what it that vulnerability was.
Cool Tech

Look what Google’s doing to the outside of its massive data centers

Keen to highlight the work of its huge data centers, as well as to prettify the rather dull structures, Google recently hired the services of four mural painters to jazz up their outside walls. And the results are stunning.

Google open-sources Parsey McParseface, its tool for understanding English

Understanding language is a big part of how computers communicate with humans. Google understands this, and has open-sourced SyntaxNet, its sentence parser. The English language module for SyntaxNet? Parsey McParseface.

The Opera browser now supposedly sips laptop battery juice thanks to a new power saving mode

Opera added a power saving mode to its desktop browser, claiming that laptop owners will see up to 50 percent more battery life when web surfing compared to other browsers like google Chrome.

Mozilla reopens its Test Pilot program for Firefox in the safest way possible

Mozilla launched a new extension for Firefox that allows users to test and provide feedback on experimental features without having to install the beta or nightly build. this "Test Pilot" program currently provides three new features to…
Social Media

Leaked documents show editors, not algorithms, decide Facebook’s Trending Topics

According to leaked documents obtained by The Guardian, Facebook lets editors, not algorithms, decide which topics should and should not appear on Trending Topics. Facebook previously denied editorial bias in Trending Topics.

Adobe issues patch for ‘critical’ vulnerability that could crash your computer

Adobe is urging all users to update their Flash software in response to a "critical" flaw that was discovered in the program that could crash their computers or even allow them to be taken over remotely.

PornHub gets into bug bounty game with $25,000 prize

Bug bounties are a popular way to improve the security of your site and Pornhub is no exception. It's just launched a new bounty system for its site, offering hackers as much as $25,000 if they can find a nasty flaw in its website.

The FTC may once again go after Google for abusing search dominance

It looks like Google may be facing legal trouble stateside once again. A recent report suggests that the FTC may be looking to reopen an antitrust case into Google search, after having closed a similar case back in 2013.