Now Boarding: JetBlue updates old planes with new seats, Air Force One gets upgrade

If your passport expires in 2016, the U.S. State Department is asking all citizens to renew as early as possible. Plus, JetBlue upgrades the inflight entertainment system in older planes, and the president will get a new Air Force One.

Loot Crate adds all-gaming gift box to subscription lineup

Nerd culture subscription service Loot Crate announced a new gaming-themed alternative to their gift box service called "Loot Gaming" during at a panel at PAX South Friday.

Google Chrome for iOS loses ‘Do Not Track’ feature

Google seems to have removed the 'Do Not Track' feature in Chrome for iOS -- but the issue stems from Apple's constraints in its WKWebView API for third-party browsers. Google said it will add the features again if Apple offers an update.
Cool Tech

Solve for X showcases all the crazy projects from Google’s secretive X Labs

Google has launched a website to show all of the current and past moonshot plans that have come from the company's secretive X Labs, home to the self-driving car, internet balloons, and Google Glass.

Flowstate auto-delete note-taking app is a procrastinator’s worst nightmare

Flowstate is the new note-taking app for people who work well under pressure. Its unique feature is an auto-delete mechanism that starts erasing your work if you stop typing for longer than seven seconds.
Social Media

Snapchat profile URLs make adding users easier than ever

Snapchat has made it a lot easier to add people thanks to the introduction of profile URLs. You can copy and share your personal URL online, allowing others to click through to your Snapchat profile and add you to their friends list.

Guess how much Google paid the guy who briefly owned google.com

Google has just revealed how much it paid the guy who last September momentarily owned the google.com domain. The cash payment was a reward for highlighting a bug in its system, and the Mountain View company set the amount "in a very…

Amazon’s overall earnings disappoint, but its server business is looking just fine

Amazon's overall Q4 2015 earnings disappointed investors, but a growing part of its business -- Amazon Web Services -- continues to beat expectations. The division earned $2.41 billion in Q4, an impressive 69 percent jump since last year.

Someone remade the battle of Helm's Deep in Fallout 4

YouTuber Cosmic Contrarian made the ultimate Fallout 4 battle video; a cinematic re-enactment of the battle of Helm's Deep from the Lord of the Rings.

The leading men of video games would be just as gross as any other bro on Tinder

The latest entry in gaming humor web channel The Warp Zone's "if video games had" series envisions the terrifying world of inter-game Tinder dating.

Apple shifts its focus to education and acquires LearnSprout

Apple previewed iOS 9.3 and showcased a big focus on education, and the company's latest acquisition of LearnSprout helps cement its place in schools. LearnSprout has software in more than 2,500 schools throughout the country.

Chrome will soon mark unencrypted sites with a big, red X

Google is pushing encryption to every corner of the Web by labeling sites without any encryption as unsecure in Chrome, in the same way it marks sites with broken or insufficient encryption.