Set your own prices for your stock media content with Pond5

Looking to make its mark in a crowded market is Pond5, a new stock media website that lets artists set their own prices for their stock photography, video, music, sound effects, and 3D models.

Goodbye, competition! FCC loses court battle over municipal broadband networks

The FCC has lost a court battle in an attempt to allow the creation of municipal broadband networks. Currently 19 states do not allow these networks, essentially meaning that there is a lack of competition in these areas.

Google is making Gmail safer with new security warnings for malicious links

Google has updated Gmail, both on Android and the web, with a number of new security features. For example, you'll now get a warning when you click on a link to a malicious website.

Out with Infrastructure? Google Fiber may become entirely wireless in the future

Google appears to be readying a transition away from wireline internet to airborne solutions, according to an FCC document filed by the company. It plans to roll out "experimental transmitters" later this year.
Cool Tech

GE installs advanced sensors to monitor an active volcano

GE is using advanced sensors to monitor an active volcano, and they are sharing the whole expedition on social media with Facebook Live videos as well as Instagram, and Snapchat.

Amazon Japan accused of using its power for evil, has its offices raided

The Japan Fair Trade Commission conducted an on-site inspection of Amazon Japan's offices, with the agency accusing Amazon's Japanese arm of unfair business practices. It is unknown what course of action the FTC will take next.

Google's smart bathroom patent puts sensors in your toilet, tub, and mirror

Google has filed a patent for a smart bathroom concept that includes sensors being placed in the user's toilet, bathtub, and mirror in order to monitor things like heart rate, blood pressure, and more.

Australian banks want to charge people for choosing Apple Pay

Apple has filed a formal complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, claiming that Australian banks want access to the iPhone's NFC antennas so they can implement their own digital wallets.

Microsoft Research proposes method for exchanging secure data within the cloud

Microsoft Research is currently working on a project to enable secure data exchange in the cloud, which uses multiparty computation to generate results without exposing the actual data held by all parties involved. The team will release…

The 'Dota 2' forum was hacked in July, and we're just now hearing about it

The "Dota 2" forum was reportedly hacked in July, exposing the credentials of nearly 2 million users. Information that was obtained includes IP addresses, email addresses, usernames, user identifiers, and passwords. Valve Software has yet…

New 'El Gato' Android ransomware may sound cute, but it packs a punch

McAfee cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new Android ransomware, dubbed 'El Gato,' which is capable of stealing SMS messages, locking infected devices remotely, and permanently encrypting files.

How the father of the World Wide Web plans to reclaim it from Facebook and Google

A handful of companies own vast swaths of web activity – Facebook for social networking, Google for searching, eBay for auctions – giving these companies unprecedented power over us. This has inspired an effort to re-decentralize the…