From fake news to the burning Note 7, the 10 worst tech failures of 2016

While there has been a lot of growth in tech this year, such as the rise of Facebook Live and advances in the self-driving market -- we're taking a look at some events and products that didn't have such a grand time.

'Dungeons and Dragons' dream: 'Super-Fan Builds' makes the best gaming table

Featuring a 50-inch monitor, built-in tablets, hand sculpts and endless man hours spent on details, Super-Fan Builds' latest creation is something truly special: a one-of-a-kind, Dungeons and Dragons-themed gaming table.

Did you get a new MacBook Pro? You may want the new Spotify, too

If you have a new MacBook, you may want to get the new Spotify to go along with it. Now that your machine has received a few upgrades, so too has your favorite music-streaming software.

New Google algorithm lowers search rankings for Holocaust denial sites

Google faced some backlash with its most popular product -- Search. The first result for a query in the U.K. on whether the Holocaust happened claims it did not -- the result is from a white supremacist website. The result has since been…
Social Media

Want free books? Just spread the word about Honest Few

Meet Honest Few, a new book discovery platform that takes your Facebook likes and Twitter retweets and turns them into currency for digital books. Simply spread the good word of Honest Few, and start collecting e-books for free.

Think twice and then think again before using in-flight Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi may be available more often during commercial air travel, but that doesn't mean opting for it is always a good idea. The concerns go far beyond cost. If you're concerned about data security and personal privacy, working offline may be…

Amazon takes to the skies, meaning faster deliveries for Prime members

Amazon is expanding its reach, and it's flexing its air muscles. At this point, Amazon has leased no fewer than 40 aircraft for a new cargo service designed to help the company meet burgeoning demand.

Weekly Rewind: Zuckerberg's AI assistant, LG's CES roster, Lucid Motors' answer to Tesla

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of everything. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from…
Social Media

This new fake news search engine tracks webs of web rumors

A group from Indiana University is tracking the spread of fake news stories with a new search engine called Hoaxy. From election rumors to whether dandelions really kill cancer, the site tracks the web of web rumors.

Obama administration report warns 47 percent of jobs at risk of AI takeover

Over the next couple of generations, one of the biggest challenges we may face as a species is what to do with ourselves. When artificial intelligence and robots can do most of the work for us, what will we do?

Show off your gaming achievements, with a custom Xbox crest

If you've been tearing up the Xbox gaming world this year, offline and on, then head on over to Microsoft's Reign of You page, which lets you customise your very own Xbox crest, complete with latin phrase and gamer iconography.
Virtual Reality

PS4 YouTube app adds PlayStation VR support for 360-degree videos

Google is rolling out PlayStation VR support for its PlayStation 4 YouTube app, allowing PSN users to experience 360-degree video via Sony's recently launched virtual reality headset.