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How to share a calendar in Google

Google Calendar is a great way to keep track of appointments, birthdays, events, and more. It’s a free service made available to every platform under the sun. But there may be a time when you need to coordinate with others, and that’s where sharing calendars come into play.

This guide shows you how to share a calendar in Google. It’s quick and easy, but it must be done through the Google Calendar website, not the apps. Other users don’t necessarily need a Google account either, as they can access your Google Calendar using a shared link.

How to share a calendar in Google

Open Sharing Options in Google Calendar

Step 1: Open Google Calendar in a web browser. Again, you cannot share a calendar using the apps.

Step 2: Click to expand My Calendars listed on the left. If you don’t see it, click on the “hamburger” icon in the top left corner to expand the main menu and access My calendars.

Step 3: Hover the mouse cursor over the calendar you want to share until a three-dot icon appears. Click on the three-dot icon.

Step 4: Select the Settings and sharing option on the pop-up menu.

Here you will see options to change the access permissions or to share the calendar with specific people.

How to broadly share the calendar

Google Calendar Set Access Permissions

This option is ideal for sharing a calendar with individuals who normally don’t use Google Calendar.

Step 1: With the Calendar settings still open, select Access permissions listed on the left.

Step 2: Check the box next to Make available to public listed on the right.

Step 3: Click OK in the pop-up window to acknowledge that making the calendar public makes everything visible to the world.

Step 4: Click the See all events button and change to See only free/busy (hide details) if needed.

Step 5: Click the Get sharable link button to retrieve a URL you can share with others.

To stop publicly sharing the calendar, uncheck the box next to the Make available to public setting.

How to share with specific people

Google Calendar Select Specific People

Step 1: With the Calendar settings still open, select Share with specific people listed on the left.

Step 2: Click on the + Add people button displayed on the right.

Google Calendar Share with Specific People

Step 3: When a pop-up window appears on the screen, enter the contact’s email address and repeat as necessary for additional contacts.

Step 4: Click the Down arrow under Permissions to select one of four options on a drop-down list.

Step 5: Click the Send button to send out the calendar invite. The recipient will need to click on the emailed link to gain access to your shared calendar.

You can allow individuals to make changes to the calendar too. To do so, click the down arrow next to their name and email address listed under Share with specific people. The options include Make changes to events and Make changes and manage sharing. Here you can also switch their access between See all event details and See only free/busy (hide details) modes.

To stop sharing the calendar with individuals or groups, click the X next to their name and email address listed under Share with specific people.

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