Flickr and HP’s Snapfish Team on Photo Printing

Yahoo has announced that its popular Flickr photo sharing service is partnering with Hewlett-Packard’s Snapfish to offering an expanded range of photo printing and gift services. The deal not only provides new ways for Flickr users to organize, transfer, and and print their photo, but expands photo printing services to international users, since Snapfish’s photo printing services are available in 22 countries.

Snapfish logo

“At Flickr, it’s important that all our members across the globe have the ability to bring their images to life through printing and sharing,” said Flckr general manager Douglas Alexander, in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with Snapfish in this effort, as we feel the company provides the value and choice we know our members expect when it comes to their photos.”

Under the deal, Flickr users will not only be able to half their photos printed, but will also be able to ship the printed photos anywhere in the world. Flickr users in the United States will also have the option to pick up their photos locally at Snapfish retail partners, which include brick-and-mortar operations like Walmart, Staples, and Walgreens.

Users will be able to order standard prints from images in their Flickr photostreams, but will also be able to create calendars, cards, books, collages, and canvas prints. At the moment, users can only opt to print photos in their own Flickr streams, but Flickr is working to enable printing of photos from other Flickr users, so long as those users have granted permission. Pricing for prints varies by size, the nature of prints, and the user’s location, but is generally competitive with other photo printing services.

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