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Lenovo’s answer to the Mac Pro (with 128GB of RAM) is $6,970 off

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The Apple Mac Pro is one of the most powerful desktop computers in the market today, but if you prefer a Windows-powered machine, you should check out the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation. It’s very expensive at its original price of $16,599, but you can currently get the machine at $6,790 off from Lenovo that brings it down to $9,629. It’s still not cheap, but it’s the price that you have to pay if you want to get a desktop PC with unparalleled performance. Push through with the transaction right now to make sure that you pocket the savings from the 41% discount.

Why you should buy the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation

The Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation is designed to keep up with even the most demanding tasks of any profession. Our guide on how much RAM do you need says that 64GB of RAM is necessary for engineers, professional audio/video editors, and similar jobs, and the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation doubles that capacity with 128GB of RAM. Combined with the Intel Xeon W7-2495X processor and the Nvidia RTX A5500 graphics card, this desktop computer is the ultimate productivity tool. It’s also built to protect your data with ThinkShield, which is a comprehensive solution for hardware and software security.

With Windows 11 Pro pre-installed in the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation, you’ll be able to maximize the operating system’s more advanced features, and with 128GB of storage, you’ll have enough space for your projects. The desktop computer also offers tool-less chassis access, which will allow you to easily customize its components and to upgrade them in the future — though that may take a while, considering the power that the machine packs.

Lenovo’s $6,790 discount for the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation is one of the largest savings that you can get from the desktop computer deals that are available today. It lowers the machine’s price from $16,599 to $9,629, which is still pretty expensive but actually reasonable considering the specifications of this extremely powerful desktop PC. You’re going to have to hurry with your purchase if you want to get the Lenovo ThinkStation P5 Workstation at 41% off though, as the offer may expire at any moment.

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