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Space-age toothbrush promises to clean your gnashers in 30 seconds flat

Sure, your parents’ generation probably had four minutes per day to brush their teeth the old-fashioned way, but the world has changed since then. Work is 24/7, we’re constantly connected tweeting and snapchatting, and, at best, we can carve out one minute per day to making sure our teeth don’t wind up looking like something out of Austin Powers. Thank goodness, then, for the folks behind Chiiz, a so-called sonic tooth cleaner which promises to shine your teeth up real nice in just 30 seconds.

“Chiiz is designed to change the way people brush their teeth,” Michael Zhang, Chiiz founder and CEO, told Digital Trends. “Although the device only takes 30 seconds to clean your teeth, the time it takes — though important — is not my main concern. My original purpose for this product was to create a brush that guides to clean your teeth the right way. At the same time, I wanted to create a brush which was hands-free, where you didn’t need to worry at all about brushing duration, angle or strength when using it. Chiiz just does it all automatically.”

Essentially, Chiiz resembles the kind of mouthguard you wear for contact sports. Inside this are brushes which give total coverage to all your teeth at once. Add some toothpaste, pop it in your mouth, and the moment you bite down the device begins brushing at a speed of 25,000 strokes per minute, angled at the ideal 45 degrees.

“Chiiz is designed for people who are looking for a better way to protect their oral health,” Zhang continued. “The market for our device may include individuals with oral diseases, like bleeding gums such as myself, or individuals who lack confidence to speak or smile naturally due to issues with their breath. Another target audience would be individuals who are in a situation with limited mobility, such as after an injury or surgery. There are many more possibilities.”

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As ever, we offer our usual warnings about the potential risks inherent in crowdfunding campaigns. While we don’t want to cast aspersions about this particular product, it’s also worth noting that some previous Kickstarter and Indiegogo futuristic toothbrush projects have failed to materialize. Nonetheless, if you’re aware of these possibilities and still want to get involved, head over to the project’s Kickstarter page. A basic kit — comprising a sonic motor, mouthpiece, toothpaste mousse, charging dock, travel dock, and USB charger — starts at just $69. Shipping is set to take place in September.

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