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Space Kotty is a self-sanitizing UVC litter box that weighs your cats, too

Your cat deserves the same care and attention to its health that you would give yourself. MyKotty hopes to make keeping track easier with the Space Kotty, a smart litter box that measures your pet’s health. The litter box also keeps itself clean thanks to a built-in UV lamp that kills any bacteria and viruses that might take hold on the surfaces of the box and kitty litter. Space Kotty even reminds you to reorder kitty litter when you run low.

Anyone who has ever had a cat knows how difficult it can be to tell when something is wrong. Cats have few outward tells when they are sick. Two of the most common health problems are urological issues and obesity, both of which are reflected in your cat’s waste. Space Kotty helps monitor your furry friends’ health by tracking how frequently they use the bathroom and how long they spend in the box, and weighing your cat each time they enter.

It then compares the data it gathers to standards set by veterinarians. If something about your cat’s behavior doesn’t match with what vets expect, you receive a notification through the app and the LED lights in the box change color.


The app itself is like an encyclopedia for your cat’s health. Not only does it include a scheduler for vet visits, but it also allows you to enter disease history, vaccinations, upcoming surgeries, and more. Space Kotty uses an RFID system — as long as each of your cats has an RFID chip or a collar, multiple animals can use the Space Kotty without interfering with its data gathering.

The litter box controls odor through a combination of fans and an activated charcoal filter. Space Kotty itself is cordless, so it can be placed anywhere in the home. The built-in battery will last between eight and 10 days on a single charge.

It’s now available for pre-order on Kickstarter at an early bird price of $300. As with any crowdfunded project, pledging money is not a guarantee of production or delivery. Space Kotty blends functionality with a clean, futuristic look that makes it perhaps the first aesthetic litter box.

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