LG’s new Blast Chiller cools a can of brew in under five minutes


LG announced today its new Blast Chiller refrigeration feature, which the company claims will make a can of your favorite beverage frosty in under five minutes. Blast Chiller comes loaded in LG’s new super-sized French-door refrigerator.

The Blast Chiller drawer will fit up to two 12oz cans, or a bottle of wine, which can be dropped down to “ice cold” in about eight minutes, the company said. It normally takes about 40 minutes to cool a can of beer or soda to a delicious temperature, the company boasted. The super-fast refrigeration of the Blast Chiller drawer is made possible thanks to the company’s “Jet Flow” and “Swirling Structure” technology. We’re not exactly sure how either Jet Flow or Swirling Structure work, but they at least sound convincing.

Of course, it would be nice if you could chill at least a 6-pack. But as far as solving the first-world problem of, “I need a cold beer, and I need it now,” LG has certainly reduced the duration of this oh-so-painful period of dissatisfaction.

In addition to the Blast Chiller, LG’s new French-door fridges have 31-cubic-inches of space. To put that in perspective, the company says that the fridge will hold “more than 50 gallons of milk in the fresh food compartment alone.” Why anyone would want to do that, we have no idea. But yeah, you could if you so desired. Part of the space-creation is due to LG’s “Slim Space Plus” feature, which puts the bulky ice-maker in the door, and allows for greater drawer efficiency.

The fridge’s “Smart Cooling Plus” system helps keep food fresh by constantly monitoring the temperature and humidity of the air inside the refrigerator. The “Dual Evaporator” can quickly adjust if the air gets too muggy. And the Multi-Flow Air system keeps everything in the fridge at an ideal temperature, according to the company’s announcement.

Other features include a 13-inch tall water and ice dispenser, easy to open doors and drawers, and a “Four Compartment Crisper System” for vegetables.

We haven’t yet had a chance to see the Blast Chiller in action. But we’ll be sure to hit up the LG booth later this week, and see if this nifty drawer can really do what they claim.

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