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Dad pulls out daughter’s tooth with a Millennium Falcon drone

Dad uses Millennium Falcon drone to pull out daughter's tooth
Drones have already proved their usefulness in a myriad of situations, but nothing could be more important than their new-found role as the tooth fairy — not the kind that delivers cold hard cash under your pillow, but the more pro-active kind that helps get the tooth out in the first place.

In what may be the greatest 15 seconds on YouTube, one fun-loving and innovative dad decided to help his daughter rid herself of a loose tooth by way of a Millennium Falcon drone. Because now that we’re in the 21st century, we can do much better than the waiting game.

Abiding by the same principle that once supported the use of a length of floss and a slamming door, Kelly Starrett decided to go a bit more high tech in his approach. Sure, there was still floss involved, but instead of using a swinging door for force, the father instead tied the other end of the floss to a drone.

“I love you Chewie!” his daughter cries out just before the drone launches into the air. And as the familiar whir of the quadcopter grows louder, the tooth comes popping out.

Don’t worry — no child was injured in the filming of this video. Starrett’s daughter looks thrilled (though somewhat shocked) that the plan went off without a hitch. The tooth comes flying out and the little girl turns to her father to ensure that indeed, she is one baby tooth poorer. Cheers emerge, and all ends well.

Apparently, Starrett had been planning the stunt for months, and as a member of a clearly Star Wars-obsessed family, he even tagged the famous George Lucas in his Instagram post in hopes of garnering some attention. And attention he has certainly received — the YouTube video has 4,275,281 views, whereas his Instagram post has over 3,000 likes and nearly 400 comments as of press time.

So put your own drones to good use, parents. And help your kids get rid of their baby teeth.

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