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Computers can’t keep shrinking, but they’ll keep getting better. Here’s how

Moore's Law is one of the reasons computers have seen so much improvement over the past few decades. But when it comes to an end does that mean the end of better machines? Not quite.

Cosmetics giant L’Oreal buys AR beauty company ModiFace

ModiFace, the company behind the Galaxy S9's makeup feature on Bixby Vision and various other AR beauty apps and tech, has been purchased by cosmetics giant L'Oreal for an undisclosed amount.

How to make coasters that connect guests to your Wi-Fi with a single tap

Tired of reciting your Wi-Fi password every time your houseguests want to connect to your network? We've got a solution for you: NFC drink coasters that automatically grant guests access to your Wi-Fi when they tap their phones on them.
Emerging Tech

A.I. spots thousands of unidentified craters on the moon

Thousands of previously unknown craters have been spotted on the moon thanks to an artificial intelligence program designed by researchers. The system may help scientists better understand the history of the solar system.
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The best 3D printers you can buy (or build) in 2018

On the hunt for a new 3D printer? We've got your back. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, this list of the best 3D printers has what you're looking for.
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Here’s all the best gear and gadgetry you can snag for $50 or less

With the price of tech constantly in flux, everyone is on the lookout for quality on the cheap. Whether you're looking for a fitness tracker or a means of capturing photos from above, here's the best tech under $50.
Emerging Tech

The barbers of the future may offer a trim, shampoo, and graphene infusion

Scientists from Northwestern University have found yet another possible application for the atom-thick “wonder material” graphene — as a non-toxic and anti-static hair dye, capable of altering color without chemically affecting hair.
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In new breakthrough, CRISPR tools target RNA to tackle dementia

Researchers have identified a new family of CRISPR enzymes that target RNA instead of DNA, and they used the tool to address protein imbalance in cells isolated from a person suffering from dementia.
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Move over graphene! Gallenene is the latest 2D material on the block

Graphene may be the most famous 2D material, but it's far from the last. Researchers have developed a 2D version of gallium, which could well have applications in nanoscale electronics.
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You can control this robot as it trawls the Chicago River picking up trash

An innovative new Kickstarter project aims to clean up the Chicago River by giving you the chance to navigate a real life trash-collecting robot from your computer. Here's how it works.
Emerging Tech

These white-hat Twitter bots collaborate to solve chemistry problems

Designed by the U.K.'s University of Glasgow, these chemistry-experiment-performing lab robots carry out research and then share the results with one another using a Twitter account.
Home Theater

Tired of your superyacht’s tiny TV? Enter the crazy, 200-inch C Seed Supermarine

Do you own a superyacht? (Who doesn't?) If so, you can outfit it with a 201-inch TV and speakers that retract into the deck. C Seed's ultra-bright, Supermarine television is as opulent as the boats its designed for.