SodaStream the drink carbonator gets a fresh makeover

SodaStream Source

SodaStream is a fountain jet carbonator that turns flat boring water into fizzy sparkling soda. It’s been a new household favorite in recent months, helping people cut down the cost of buying soda and reducing the waste the plastic container bottles. Now, the soda maker is getting a redesign so the machine looks more modern than ever.

Unveiling at the MOST exhibit in Milan, Italy later this month, the new Sodastream is a masterpiece of San Francisco-based designer Yves Béhar. The original SodaStream comes in various sizes and models, but mainly feature bulbous, space-inefficient metal stands and a large reusable plastic bottle that you insert under the machine. The new SodaStream, from what we can tell, is much more sleek. Named the SodaStream Source, the all-white carbonator is rectangular, flat, and narrow which looks contemporary and should fit in with any kitchen countertop. A small thin button is also prominent in the middle, whereas the button used to be located in all random areas of the old SodaStream models. The redesigned model also has an LED light to indicate the carbonation level of the Carbon Dioxide canister.

“SodaStream uses technology to reduce the complexity and waste of sparkling water and soda, and this is the quality I focused on; creating a simple and beautiful object for the kitchen while keeping 21st century values,” Béhar says of his finished product.

To highlight waste reduction that SodaStream offers, the new model unveiled at MOST will be demonstrating at a SODA BAR set under a chandelier made of 550 plastic bottles. The artists hope that this recycled chandelier is not only an interesting art piece, but also show how much plastic one can save by making their own soda at home.

While there is no set release date for the new SodaStream to hit the market, the company is continuing to uphold its sustainability motto. In March, it announced that it will be teaming up with agroforestry resource center Trees for the Future to launch the Replant Our Planet campaign. Under this campaign, SodaStream will plant 10 trees in Brazil for every purchase from its limited edition Rethink Your Soda line of drink carbonators. If you’re curious to see how SodaStream is saving the planet, you can also visit the official product site to see a gauge of how many plastic bottles the company has helped saved as more consumers switch to using the machine.

A single SodaStream system starts at $80, with fancier models going up to as much as $200 apiece. Flavor syrups come in a huge variety of offerings, from classic cola to fruity mixes, and cost between $5 to $10 a bottle. Carbonator cartridges that you’ll need to refill every so often run anywhere from $20 to $100 depending in model and amount you buy. Find the system and its accessories online or at your local department stores and other retailers.