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Is Apple iPhone X anticipation hurting demand for the iPhone 8 models?

Cannabalistic Apples?

It looks like pending demand for the hot new Apple iPhone X could be hitting demand for its other two new phones, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Multiple sources say that Apple is cutting production demands for the two handsets by as much as 50 percent as the October 27 order date for the flashy halo phone nears. That’s unusual for Apple, and it nicked their stock price this morning as markets opened.

Now the worry is whether Apple can crank out enough iPhone X units to meet demand, which Verizon says appears to be heating up, despite the price tag, which starts at $,1000 and goes up from there. And who knows, maybe iPhone 8 demand will bounce back if wait times for the iPhone X stretch into weeks or even months. Can’t decide on which one to get? Check out our full iPhone 8 review and iPhone 10 hands-on first look at the links. Then decide…

Record it or it didn’t happen

If you’re a Nintendo Switch fan, good news: A big update is out now and it has a cool feature gamers have been asking for for a while now: the ability to record your genius gaming skillz so you can post them up for worldwide adulation – or embarrassment, if you game like I do. But yeah, update 4.0.0 is out, and hitting the record button grabs the last 30 seconds of gameplay with shortcuts for easy posting.

Not every game supports the record feature, but Nintendo says that as time goes on, game updates will include the feature. Also new: And easy data transfer and migration scheme for loading a new Switch with all the data from another Switch, you know, in case you need to keep one at work as well. I mean we do, that’s normal right? Our friends over at Gamestop have the lowdown on the latest update, so hit the link for all the details.

Balloons in spaaaaaace….

Who wants to go to space? Right? Us too. And now, a couple of private spaceflight firms are showing a vision of what a large inflatable space habitat might look like, and where it might go. Rocket makers United Launch Alliance (ULA) and space-habitat specialists Bigelow have produced a video to show how the two might team up to push a large inflatable habitat module into Earth orbit – and then send it on to a lunar orbit around the moon.

And it’s not only for sending those right-stuff astronauts and scientists to the moon either; Bigelow says they see their inflatable space ships as private pleasure craft for the rich and famous… or just the really rich. Could it happen? We’ll see, but ULA is currently launching rockets into orbit and an inflatable module from Bigelow is currently undergoing testing on the International Space Station, so it’s not like this is some sort of vaporware fantasy plan. Take your protein pill and check out the whole video.

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