Nintendo faces lawsuit over design of Switch controller

Nintendo is facing a lawsuit over the design of the detachable controllers on the Switch console. Video game accessory maker Gamevice claims the Switch controller infringes on a patent it holds for a 2012 device called the Wikipad. It was basically an Android tablet bundled with a cradle style game controller, and sales for the device never really took off. Gamevice also sells a variety of detachable controllers for mobile devices and claims the Nintendo Switch is illegally using those concepts too.
Gamevice is calling for sales of the switch to be halted and Nintendo pay damages. Since its March launch, over 4.7 million Switch consoles have been sold.

Never shy of diving into a new moneymaking venture, Amazon is making plans to sell tickets to concerts and sporting events. The company launched a similar service in the United Kingdom in 2015 that not only sells tickets, but it allows Prime members to purchase more expensive tickets offering “premium lounges” and other benefits. Special deals like these would most likely be included in any U.S. service too, with Amazon aiming to pick up more Prime members in the process.

This won’t be an easy launch for Amazon. Ticketmaster has a tight grip on the ticket-sales industry. On the other hand, Amazon has a massive built in customer base and a ticket buying feature would probably be a welcome addition to Prime.

Finally this week, there’s an idea being floated in New York City to make the rivers surrounding Manhattan swimmable again. It’s called the plus pool, and essentially we’re talking about a giant floating water filter. This would be massive, holding 600,000 gallons of river water and up to 5,000 visitors per day. The main hurdle to launching the plus pool? There’s no law allowing it. Supporters are now working to get petitions for the pool, and Heineken has come in to help sponsor the project.

If the plus pool does get approval, it’ll be at least a few years before swimmers can get into the water. But New York residents have been waiting decades to swim in the east river, so what’s a few more years. That’s it for DT Daily this week, thanks for watching and we’ll be back again on Monday.

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