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Digital Trends Live: Wyze data leak, YouTube limits on young creators, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Luke Larsen dig into the biggest-trending stories in tech, including a Wyze data leak, YouTube’s limits on youthful creators, an Apple gaming Mac, the Mars 2020 rover, Turkey’s push into the electric car sector, a drone mystery, and more.

As we look into the technological future, things may not end up being as bright as we all hope. We take a look at what tech may push us to the societal brink, from social media to data privacy.

Krista Whitley

Next up, Krista Whitley, founder of Altitude Products, discusses getting well using CBD (cannabidiol), and how better extraction techniques and consumer awareness are propelling the burgeoning CBD industry.

Mike Merrill

We have publicly traded stocks, so why not a publicly traded person? Mike Merrill joins the program to talk about how he IPO’d himself and is letting shareholders make his life decisions.

Finally, it’s time for another segment about awesome tech you can’t buy yet. Drew Prindle joins Nibler to talk about the Onpark Find 3 eBoard, replanting trees by drone, and 3D-printed electric cars.

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