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Digital Trends Live: Xbox specs, ‘cloud raves,’ no TikTok for TSA

On Monday’s episode of Digital Trends Live, hosts Greg Nibler and Adrien Warner discuss the top trending tech topics of the day, including new Xbox specs, “cloud raves” in China, the TSA bans TikTok, new AirPod rumors, pioneering NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson passes away, and more.

While Mobile World Congress may have been canceled, there’s still plenty of phone tech to talk about. We take a look at what Huawei, Sony, and others were set to show off in Barcelona.

Janine Yancey

Janine Yancey, founder and CEO of Emtrain, discusses uprooting workplace failures from the top down, and how managerial power dynamics can leave companies without proper feedback to make decisions.

We then turn to the automotive world, where we take a look at a new battery that could push the Tesla S over the 400-mile range.

Chris Dudley

Musician Chris Dudley, composer and keyboardist for Underoath, joins the show to talk about how tech is having a huge impact on the music business, from VR to social media.

Bahara Golestani 

Nibler then speaks with actress Bahara Golestani from This Is Us about her unusual path to Hollywood from Afghanistan.

We then take a look at awesome tech you can’t buy yet with Drew Prindle, who takes a look at magnetic marble madness, a customizable family robot, and a U-shaped window air conditioning unit.

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