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Digital Trends Live: New Motorola flip phone, ads in space, smart umbrella

On Thursday’s episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed trending topics such as a new Motorola flip phone, and a Russian startup’s plans to put billboards in space. We were also joined by senior editor Caleb Denison and writer Ronan Glon to discuss the world of tech post-CES 2019. We also welcomed Rick Reichmuth, founder of Weatherman Umbrella, to the show.

With the rise of foldable screen technology in smartphones, Motorola is looking to bring back a flip phone in a modern format. While there is no actual product or release date available yet, Motorola is claiming its phone will feature an OLED screen as well as a heated central hinge to remove any imperfections that come from folding the screen. It’s expected to cost $1,500. While that may seem a lot for a smartphone for the novelty of watching it fold up, by comparison, Samsung is rumored to have a $2,500 folding phone.

We also discussed the possibilities of billboards in space. Russian startup StartRocket hopes to launch constellations of tiny satellites into the night sky and secure corporate clients by 2020. The satellites would reflect light from nearly 300 miles in the atmosphere back to earth as different messages that could last for up to six minutes at a time. Some of the examples in the concept video released by StartRocket include a McDonald’s logo as well as a brightly lit message from KFC.

We also welcomed founder and CEO of Weatherman Umbrella, Rick Reichmuth, to the show talk about his company’s smart umbrella. Every Weatherman umbrella comes with a corresponding app that can detect what the weather is like in your area and remind you to bring your umbrella when the forecast calls for rain.

Weatherman’s umbrellas have met with great success and have repeatedly sold out. Alongside its collapsible umbrellas, Weatherman also offers stick umbrellas, as well as two sizes of golf umbrellas. The firm has also created special additions of its smart umbrella for the Ladies Professional Golf Association and Folds of Honor.

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