iPhone hack attack prompts Apple to release emergency update

Might not want to skip this iPhone update

If you own an iPhone, you need to drop what you’re doing and update your iPhone. Like, right now.

A serious security flaw was recently discovered by researchers when a United Arab Emirates human rights activist’s phone was successfully hacked using a method that nobody knew existed.

It’s the first time anyone has managed to hack a complete up-to-date iPhone 6, and it looks like a simple web link sent as a text message. But if you click on it, you’re the iPhone can be controlled remotely. At that point a hacker can listen to anything going on around you, see what’s on your camera … anything they want.

The patch was released Thursday so when you get that prompt to update, we suggest not putting it off any longer than you have to.

Uber burn rate: High

Uber has sounded like a gigantic tech success story for some time now, with drivers all over the world getting paid to essentially provide taxi services using their own cars. So Uber must be printing money, right? Wrong. Bloomberg says the company has lost $1.2 billion – and that’s just in the first half of 2016. Whoa. Where’s all the money going?

Into the pockets of drivers, for the most part, along with battles with similar services like Lyft and Didi in China, which bought out Uber’s China arm for a billion dollars. Uber is actually valued at over 62 billion dollars by investors and just two months ago, picked up a $3.5 billion dollar infusion from a Saudi Arabian investment fund.

It sounds like a financial bloodbath but the truth is, Uber’s fortunes are on the rise as more people sign onto the service and it continues to expand operations worldwide.

As much fun today as it was in ’86

Remember Aliens, James Cameron’s rock-em, sock-em sequel to the original Alien film by Ridley Scott, widely hailed as one of the scariest and best sci-fi movies of all time? We hate to make you feel old, but Aliens came out 30 years ago.

Cameron went on to make obscure features like Titanic and Avatar, but Aliens has remained a fan favorite, and it’s getting a new Blu-ray release for its birthday. The special box set will feature both the theatrical and special edition versions of the Marines-in-space thriller, along with the requisite special features and a bunch of extra stuff, including some trading cards.

Hey why not? And with a Prometheus sequel and even more Alien movies on tap, well, it’s never really game over for the franchise anyway, which we are glad to see.

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