Facebook Sports Stadium threatens to distract sports fans even more | DT Daily

Facebook is getting ready for this weekend’s Championship Sunday by launching Facebook Sports Stadium. And no… Facebook didn’t buy naming rights for the NFL’s new Los Angeles mega-stadium.

What they’re really doing is creating a new second-screen experience inside of Facebook that lets fans follow the game in real time with a live play by play. It’s a lot like what sports specific apps do with running comments and other social features, but this is Facebook. Your friends are already here, and you’ve been doing the social network thing while watching games, so this just takes that up a few notches. You get to Stadium by searching for the game inside Facebook, and once there it lets you like, comment on and share individual plays. You can also get caught up quickly in case you missed part of the game. And we have a hunch that this new feature will lead to a whole lot more time on Facebook and less time spent actually watching the game.

Crank up the Apple rumor mill, we’ve got some new leaked video from china.

Coming to us from MIC Gadget, this appears to be a 4 inch iPhone, that’s the same size as the iPhone 5, 5 s and 5c… but it has the design of the iPhone 6. That would make this the 6c? The iPhone 7mini? The 6nano? Whatever it’s going to be called we’re hearing that it would be outfitted with an A8 chip and could be hitting the market in the next few months.

Remember people, these are just rumors and, to add a new wrinkle, this handset could be destined for a non U. S. launch? One thing’s for certain: apple is still selling the 4 inch iPhone 5s… and that’ll need to be replaced by a newer, faster model called… something…later this year. That’s DT Daily for today, if you’ve got a good name for Apple’s new phone, leave us a comment.