Wells Fargo thinks Apple’s iPhone 7 will be a huge seller

Apple is, by it’s own admission, in a bit of a doldrum when it comes to iPhone sales. However, the folks over at Wells Fargo seem to think that’s temporary. According to Apple Insider, a Wells Fargo analyst thinks Apple is going to sell over 80 million new iPhone 7 models this holiday season, which is well above what many other analysts thinks they’re going to sell. And this for a phone we have yet to see in the flesh.

So what does this Wells Fargo analyst know that we – or apparently, other analysts – don’t know? Unclear, but hints that the iPhone 7 will be a radical improvement from the 6 are mounting, and you can read about all the latest rumors right here.

Back when Tesla was a struggling startup selling reskinned Lotuses and the Model S, X and 3 were still distant dreams, Elon Musk’s company had serious competition from another electric car maker, known as Fisker. Fisker’s sleek Karma sedan was a tech and style darling, but numerous setbacks, recalls, quality issues and a bankruptcy eventually buried Fisker and the Karma after only about 2,000 of the cars were sold.

Now, Fisker is back, but the huge Chinese auto parts company that now owns the brand has decided to rename the company Karma Automotive after that first car The Karma car is also returning, and in much the same form as the original, except it’s going to be called the Revero, which means “truth” in Latin.

The new Karma Automotive Revero will be built in California, and the company already has 500 employees ready to start churning out the e-car, which will use BMW bits for the power train, so quality and performance shouldn’t be an issue this time around. Price? Likely $100,000 or so, putting it in line with Tesla’s top-tier Model S. Will there eventually be a more affordable model along the lines of the Tesla Model 3? We can only hope so.

Here’s an unusual drone idea: it’s called the Hover, because, really, that’s about the only thing it does, but it does it really well. Designed as the ultimate selfie drone, the Hover features completely enclosed rotor blades, 4K video capability and 13-megapixel stills. A downward facing camera maps the ground around it for stability and an app acts as the shutter button. Plus, the camera tilts up and down. Done shooting? It folds up like book.

A built-in A.I. system uses both facial and body recognition to track movement, and the Hover can move with you on its own – at a slow pace, for now. It’s not for sale yet but maker Zero Zero Robotics says they hope to have it ready for sale this summer. No price has been set as of yet.