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These Arlo Pro 2 security camera deals are the Memorial Day sales to beat

Step aside, Best Buy. Amazon is coming for your Memorial Day crown — and the method of approach it’s taking is discounts. Big discounts. In fact, it may have already stolen the show with this deal on the Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Home Security Camera System, which sees the lone-camera bundle on sale for only $130, down $120 from the usual $250. But the savings don’t end there…

Arlo Pro 2 (1-Camera Bundle) — $130, was $250:

While a one-camera surveillance setup is better than nothing, it won’t cut the mustard for most. Most homes have four sides, so a four-camera configuration is the bare minimum if you want to cover all your bases. Fortunately, Amazon has discounted this bundle as well. It has knocked $250 off the sticker, dropping it down to $400 — the cheapest it has ever been.

Arlo Pro 2 (2-Camera Bundle) — $259, was $420:

Arlo Pro 2 (4-Camera Bundle) — $400, was $650:

For those really looking to take their home surveillance to the next level, there’s the six-camera setup, which is on sale for $600, down $350 from the regular $950. Granted, this will be overkill for most, but if you want to ensure that no areas of your property are left unmonitored (assuming it’s a modest-sized house; Mr T’s mansion will require a bit more coverage), it’s the way to go.

Arlo Pro 2 (6-Camera Bundle) — $600, was $950:

Now let’s talk about the Arlo Pro 2. What is it? In short, it’s an advanced home security camera that’s weather-resistant, records video in Full HD, has two-way audio, and is totally wire-free. IT even connects to your home Wi-Fi network, can be accessed from any smartphone or tablet, and even has night vision. The best bit? All of this is on sale from just $130. Crazy, huh?

Like all security cameras worth having, the Arlo Pro 2 has a wide 130-degree field of view and can be configured to record non-stop 24/7 video. The rest of the time it records as and when movement or sound is detected in a zone you set up. This radius is particularly useful for blocking out movement that isn’t on your property, like the neighbor opposite arriving home from work.

So, Amazon could have just won Memorial Day sales — and it doesn’t even officially participate in the shopping bonanza. Typical.

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