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Score a hot deal with Amazon’s 63% price cut on the Berta Ionic hair dryer

Whether or not you’re using hair dryers to simply dry your wet locks or take advantage of its styling capabilities, these have proven to be useful and versatile tools to help you keep up with appearances. For the best results, you would want to get yourself a hair dryer that would give you some flare without damaging your crown jewel. Amazon has a sale on the Berta Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer that brings its list price of $100 down to just $37. Get more than what you paid for with this 63% price cut.

Ionic blow dryers demonstrate that being negative isn’t always a bad thing. Since positive ions open up your hair’s cuticles, resulting in drier hair, the more positive it is, ionic hair dryers generally emit negative ions to counter its positive charge. With the Berta Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer generating 100 times more negative ions than any ionic hair dryer in the market, you are assured of a soft, silky finish without the frizz. That’s as much protection as you can get from heat damage.


This professional hair dryer from Berta packs 1,875 watts of power, making it possible to have your hair dry in as little as five minutes. Though drying time may vary depending on your hair’s length and thickness, you can count on this ionic hair dryer’s AC motor to dry your hair faster by up to 50% and last you longer than those with DC motors. With three heat options for hot, warm, and cool, as well as two speeds for high and low readily accessible on the handle, you can find the custom setting applicable for your hair as quick as it is possible. A cool shot button that obviously releases cool air is also available to further enhance the styling flexibility of this hair dryer.

Now that we’ve covered function and style, let’s put safety into perspective. Berta’s ionic hair dryer is provided with an ALCI protection device complete with a test button to ensure that the plug is safe every time before firing it up. For easy upkeep, the removable filter makes for timely cleanup as well as prevent damage to internal components.  The hair dryer comes with a 2.2-meter cord with hang loop for easy storage and a complimentary concentrator nozzle for salon gorgeous hair every time.

With glowing reviews published on Amazon and enough features to back it up, the Berta Negative Ionic Hair Blow Dryer may be the upgrade you’re looking for. Prime Day may have come to a close but this 63% price cut on this $100 hair dryer is just as good as it can ever be.

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