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Best Memorial Day iPad sales and deals for 2022

iPad Pro on a desk with AirPods and an iPhone nearby.

Memorial Day sales are fast approaching and that means it’s time to start considering everything you need to know before diving into the Memorial Day iPad sales. Assuming you’re in the market for Apple’s tablet — of course — but who wouldn’t be? Its range of tablets are second to none with plenty of different options available covering different budgets and needs. There’s really something for everyone here with tablets easily enriching your life. Read on while we tell you all about when the Memorial Day iPad sales are expected to start, where to look for the best deals, and whether the sales season is the time to snap one up.

When do the Memorial Day iPad sales start?

Memorial Day is on Monday 30 May so it stands to reason that the Memorial Day iPad sales will begin around then. While we don’t have specific days as to when we’ll start seeing the best offers, we do have a rough idea based on how things have played out in the past.

As Memorial Day is always on a Monday, the weekend before it is often a popular day for sales to begin. It’s very likely that we will see many of the biggest retailers begin their sales on the Friday or the Saturday before Memorial Day. That way, consumers have some time to prepare, browse, and figure out what they might want to buy. As with all sales, if something is heavily discounted early on, you may want to snap it up immediately rather than wait a few days as it’s likely to run out of stock fast.

There’s also a chance that we may see some early Memorial Day iPad sales. These could involve some discounts on the popular range of iPads throughout the month of May. That may mean you need to decide where the sweet spot is for you as there’s no guarantee that prices will be at their lowest if you wait till Memorial Day itself. It also means keeping an eye on sales prices throughout the month if you’re keen to pick up a great bargain.

Where are the best Memorial Day iPad deals?

The retail world is huge, which means it can be tough to know where to start looking when it comes to the best Memorial Day iPad deals. If you simply check out regular iPad deals, you’ll notice a few retailers stand out the most when it comes to offering the best prices.

Amazon, for instance, is always one of the biggest retailers when it comes to discounting Apple items significantly and it loves to discount iPads even when there isn’t a specific reason for doing so. It should be your first place to check out. While we don’t have specific details yet on where the best Memorial Day iPad deals are, Amazon is always a good choice. The retailer stocks all types of iPads, ensuring there is plenty of choice for you. Alongside that, it frequently embraces all sales seasons.

Other options include the big two bricks-and-mortar retailer options — Walmart and Best Buy. Both stores often have great online sales during any major sales event and we can’t see Memorial Day being any different. Expect to see some keen pricing with iPad discounts. This may involve the retailers price-matching Amazon or other retailers in a bid to keep competitive. The advantage here? You’re almost certainly going to be able to reserve online and pick up in-store if you wish, giving you the iPad immediately after purchase.

And don’t overlook other retailers. While stores like Staples, B&H Photo, and Newegg amongst others may not always have the biggest of discounts, they are still worth checking out. Once in a while, you might be surprised by a great deal, especially if you’re looking for a specific model.

Finally, don’t count on Apple having any discounts during this time of year. An Apple sale is a fairly rare thing so it’s generally best to consider elsewhere first.

Should you buy an iPad on Memorial Day 2022?

Memorial Day 2022 is a pretty good time to buy an iPad assuming you want or need one. If you break things down to key sales periods, there’s Memorial Day, Prime Day in July, and Black Friday in late November. While there are other sales events, these are the biggest of the bunch. While Memorial Day may not end up the cheapest of the year for iPad deals, it should still be fairly reliable plus you get the benefit of getting your iPad now rather than having to wait a couple of months (or even longer) to enjoy it.

As always, it’s a smart move to do your research. Check out our look at the best iPad and figure out what works best for you. The best overall is the Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs it. For many users, the Apple iPad Air will do the job admirably while being much cheaper than the Pro variety.

Some users may also want to consider the iPad Mini with its small and lightweight build proving useful for many purposes.

Ultimately, regardless of which iPad serves your needs, Memorial Day is a pretty good time to dive in. It’s the biggest sales event of the year so far so it’s ideal if you’ve spent the winter months longing for a new purchase while knowing you should hold out for better value times. You may find better iPad deals if you hold out for Prime Day iPad deals given Amazon loves to offer heavy discounts on technology but the company will also be running sales for Memorial Day so there’s no guarantee that holding out will prove best for you.

Think about how urgently you need an iPad. It may be tempting to wait but — arguably — you’ll always be waiting for a better sales price. Buy now and you can enjoy a new iPad much faster than waiting for the optimal sales price. It’s likely in many cases that you would only save a little more anyway.

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