Best desktop monitor deals for May 2021

As the primary visual interface with your PC’s hardware, the monitor is a vital piece of equipment — and settling for a lousy one is one of the surest ways to make using your computer a daily chore. Today’s monitors sport all sorts of great features like IPS panels and harsh blue light-reducing technologies, putting them head and shoulders above the cheap displays of yesteryear. Better still, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good one with this roundup of the best desktop monitor deals available this month.

These discounted displays cover everything from inexpensive HD work monitors to the latest ultrawide and 4K panels, but if you need something specifically for playing video games, then head on over to our other roundup of gaming monitor deals.

Today’s best monitor deals

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HP 28-inch IPS 4K UHD Monitor

$260 $380
This 28-inch HP monitor offers a high-res 4K and edge-to-edge panel at one of the lowest prices. It also supports HDR for a more vibrant picture quality.
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HP 27-Inch G4 1080p 60Hz Monitor

$145 $166
This monitor makes all of your entertainment shine with its full HD display and HDMI and DisplayPort inputs that let you hook up your Blu-Ray players and other AV equipment.
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AOC 27-Inch 1080p 60Hz IPS Monitor

$150 $200
Say goodbye to eyestrain with this monitor. It has a Low Blue mode that offers eye protection so you can work all day without discomfort. It also has a LED backlight display tech for clear visuals.
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Auzai 24-inch 1080p 75Hz Monitor

$150 $158
This 24-inch Auzai 1080p monitor is a great well-rounded option for professionals and average users alike, offering crisp picture quality and minimal bezels for a sleek look.
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HP 27-Inch 1080p 60Hz Height-Adjustable Monitor

$165 $200
Tired of straining your neck looking at a monitor with limited adjustment range? This HP monitor has a hefty height-adjustable stand that lets you find the perfect viewing angle.
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ASUS ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT 15.6" Portable Touchscreen Monitor

$300 $350
Dual displays aren't just for desktops thanks to this 15-inch USB-powered 1080p monitor from Asus, which features a 1080p touchscreen and is the perfect companion for laptops and mobile devices.
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Dell S2721HSX 27-inch 1080p 75Hz Monitor

$160 $300
Get the most out of your home office with this 27-inch Dell monitor, maximizing space, brightness, and utility for any computer setup, no matter the budget.
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Lenovo L28u-30 28-Inch UHD 4K Monitor

$310 $330
If you're in a line of work that demands strict attention to detail, the 28-inch Lenovo L28u-30 UHD monitor gives you full control of your work, down to the last pixel, at an affordable price.
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24" LG 24MK430H-B Full HD Monitor

$147 $200
With full HD resolution, the LG monitor delivers full color and crystal clear picture without straining your eyes. Why? Because it has low blue light and anti-flicker features to prevent eye fatigue.
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Samsung CJ890 49-inch Monitor

$1,000 $1,466
There's almost no better monitor option for an ultimate workspace than the panoramic 49-inch Samsung CJ890. It's a super ultra-wide screen that boasts lag-free, ear-to-ear, picturesque coverage.
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Westinghouse WH32UX9019 32" 4K Monitor

$320 $350
Looking for an entry level 4k monitor that won't break the bank? Then this monitor is for you.
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Select Dell Monitor Deals

Up to 46% off

Enjoy discounts on all sorts of Dell monitors, from cheap 1080p models to ultrawide gaming displays.
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Dell 32-Inch Curved 4K IPS FreeSync Monitor

$350 $550
Enjoy a crisp, color-accurate Ultra HD picture on this excellent 4K curved monitor from Dell, which sits at a nice sweet spot in size at 32 inches.
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LG 24MP59G-P 24-inch 1080p 75Hz Monitor

$194 $291
On a budget? Make the most of your work and entertainment with the 24-inch LG 24MP59G-P monitor, ready with nice features like AMD FreeSync and a color-accurate IPS panel.
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Asus VP348QGL 34" Quad HD 3440 x 1440 75Hz FreeSync Ultrawide Monitor

$378 $399
Take a walk on the ultra-wide side: This 34-inch 1440p Asus monitor is great for multi-tasking and can even handle gaming thanks to AMD FreeSync technology.
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Acer EB321HQU 31.5" WQHD Monitor, Black

$220 $280
You can't go wrong with a WQHD monitor when it comes to games and streaming movies. This 31.5" Acer monitor has 2560x1440 resolution, promising crystal-clear output every time.
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LG 29" UltraWide 21:9 WFHD Monitor

$227 $250
By day, you can use this LG monitor's split screen feature for your work presentations. By night, make the most of its full HD capabilities with graphics-intense games.
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Acer 32-inch 4K FreeSync Monitor

$295 $374
Acer's 32-inch monitor is a nice large size for entertainment and multi-tasking, and it's made even sweeter by its 4K Ultra HD resolution -- and its low discounted price.
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LG 32-Inch 4K UHD 60Hz FreeSync Monitor

$350 $500
A large 4K monitor allows you to see every detail for a more immersive experience. And with Radeon FreeSync technology and Dynamic Action Sync, you're sure to enjoy smooth, lag-free performance.
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LG Electronics UltraGear 27GN750-B 27 Inch Full HD Monitor,Black

$347 $500
With a high 240Hz refresh rate, this LG monitor ensures that you won't experience any lagging while playing games. This is a great deal if you're looking for your first full HD monitor.
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Lenovo C32q-20 31.5 Inch 1440p Quad HD Monitor

$220 $250
Size up your display without shrinking your checking account balance (by too much, anyway) with this 31.5-inch Quad HD monitor from Leonovo.
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Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Monitor

$85 $100
The Raspberry Pi allows you to accomplish your tasks on-the-go with its two removable stands and compatibility with Windows and other systems or devices.
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HP 27f 27-Inch IPS LED 1080p FreeSync Monitor

$190 $270
If you're looking for a full HD display that hits the sweet spot in size, the budget-friendly 1080p HP 27-inch monitor punches above its weight for its price.
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Acer ET322QK wmiipx 31.5" Ultra HD 4K2K Monitor, Black

$280 $380
The Acer Ultra HD 4K2K monitor offers an excellent viewing experience with crystal clear images and world-class sound. This is a definite must-have for your home theater.
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Acer Portable IPS Monitor (15.6-Inch, 1080p Full HD)

$130 $180
The Acer 15.6-inch IPS monitor is a perfect (and extremely affordable) way to add a second display to your laptop or portable gaming setup. Includes USB-C and MicroUSB cables for power and video.
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Select HP Monitor Deals

Starting at $100

Enjoy huge discounts on select HP monitors and accessories $50 plus using the code BFCMDA5. You can also use the code BFCMDA10 to get 10% off on select HP monitors and accessories $200 plus.
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Dell S Series S2719DM 27" Ultrathin Monitor

$340 $400
Putting a strong emphasis on color accuracy, this 27-inch Dell S-Series 1440p monitor is perfect for creatives with an eye for detail, boasting its own slick, professional aesthetic to boot.
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Lenovo Q24i-10 24-Inch 1080p Monitor

$159 $190
If all you need is a solid Full HD monitor, this Lenovo 24-inch display costs less than many 21-inch 1080p monitors. It has an IPS panel for enhanced color accuracy, too.
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LG 27-Inch 4K Ultra HD IPS FreeSync Monitor

$347 $550
With a 27-inch 4K IPS panel and AMD FreeSync technology, this slick Monoprice display is one of the best Ultra HD monitors you can get in this size class.
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LG 34-Inch Ultrawide 21:9 Full HD IPS FreeSync Monitor

$270 $400
This 34-inch ultrawide display from LG features a 21:9 ultrawide resolution, making it a great alternative to a dual-monitor setup without taking up too much space on most desktops.
Expires soon

Lenovo ThinkVision L27q-30 27-inch Quad HD 1440p Monitor

$250 $270
This Lenovo 27-inch 1440p monitor hits the sweet spot in size, resolution, and price, with a nice discount that makes it one of the best Quad HD displays you'll find for the price.

Full HD monitor deals

Any good monitor on the market today will have a resolution of at least 1080p (also known as “Full HD” or the abbreviated “FHD”), meaning that it features a vertical resolution of 1,080 pixels. This resolution dominates the 21- to 27-inch monitor category — any bigger than that and you’ll want to start looking at Quad HD (1440p) or 4K Ultra HD (2160p) – but for the vast majority of computing applications, 1080p is still a fine place to be.

If you’re simply looking for an affordable, no-nonsense monitor for a desktop workstation, a 1080p in the 21- to 27-inch range is more than likely what you’re after. The good news is that this is the cheapest type of monitor out there, particularly if you’re not interested in paying more for things like higher refresh rates or Vsync technologies (i.e. features you find on displays built for gaming). And with the above monitor deals, you might even be able to score a solid name-brand Full HD monitor for around 100 bucks or so.

Gaming monitor deals

Acer Predator XB3 Gaming Monitor review
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Gamers tend to demand a lot more from their computer hardware than average users, and this applies as much to gaming monitors as it does to everything else. A lousy display will quickly put a damper on your gaming enjoyment, and along with screen size and resolution, you need to consider things like refresh rate and Vsync features that will allow your display to keep up with your GPU (even a PC with the strongest graphics card will experience stutter and lag if it’s connected to a sub-par monitor).

Once you’ve decided upon a size and resolution — 1080p Full HD, 1440p Quad HD, or 4K Ultra HD — you’ll want to look for a monitor with a refresh rate of around 144Hz. The refresh rate dictates framerate, and a minimum of 120Hz is necessary to smoothly enjoy gaming 60 frames per second. Anything less and you will very likely experience on-screen stuttering and lag. A good gaming monitor should also have either Nvidia G-Sync or AMD FreeSync technologies (go with whichever one matches your graphics card) which greatly mitigates or eliminates obnoxious and immersion-breaking screen-tearing.

You’ll pay a bit more for these technologies, but don’t go super-cheap when you’re looking for gaming monitor to complete your gaming PC. These are popular items that are regularly on sale, however, so definitely keep an eye on our gaming monitor deals page to save you some cash.

Curved and ultrawide monitor deals

HP Envy Curved 34
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

Curved and ultrawide monitors are a relatively new thing in the world of desktop displays and could be a good alternative to traditional monitors and multi-monitor setups depending on your needs. The idea behind a curved panel is that the entire screen is directed toward the viewer’s eyes; admittedly, however, the advantages of curved displays are largely subjective and dependent upon each user’s preferences, so it might be a good idea to look at some in-person before deciding whether or not a curved monitor is really your speed.

On the other hand, the advantages of ultrawide monitors are obvious, and if you’re going for one of those, it’s almost certain that you’ll be looking at a curved design which is simply easier to view at super-widescreen resolutions. Just be prepared to pay for it: Ultrawide displays are the most expensive of the bunch, but if you find the right deal, it might be worth it — and could even save you money if you were considering buying two or three separate monitors instead.

Standard-sized curved displays aren’t often more expensive than their non-curved counterparts, though, so if you decide this style is right for you, then we’ve made sure to include a few curved screens in the above monitor deals to help you find the right one for your battle station.

4K Ultra HD Monitor Deals

samsung space monitor
Riley Young/Digital Trends

Ultra HD, more commonly known as “4K,” has pretty much become the standard for televisions now, but 4K monitors aren’t quite as common. That’s largely because PC displays are typically smaller than home televisions, but also because monitors are still considered peripherals and most people understandably don’t want to spend hundreds more on one – especially when the benefits of Ultra HD will be less notable on a smaller screen than they will on a big living room TV.

That said, you probably sit closer to your computer monitor than you do to your TV, and with the cost of 4K panels dropping drastically in recent years, now’s not a bad time to upgrade to a UHD display for your PC if you’re thinking about it. That’s especially true if you’ve built or are building a 4K-capable gaming machine. Along with ultrawide displays, 4K monitors are costly (as you’d expect), but they also provide some of the best opportunities for savings, so we’ll make sure to keep our deals list updated with any Ultra HD options that are available at the moment.

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