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Best Prime Day monitor deals for 2021

All the latest Amazon Prime Day monitor deals and sales

Samsung expands Odyssey gaming monitor lineup with new flat screen options.

Prime Day is sadly entering its terminal hours, and the sun is now setting on the best Prime Day deals that still remain. You’ve got a little bit of time left to shop if you act fast, but if you need a new PC monitor and don’t want to wait until Black Friday, you’ll have to be quick on the uptake if you want to catch any of these Prime Day monitor deals before the clock strikes midnight and the sale is finished for good.

Remember, though, that you’re not stuck with Amazon if you want to get a good price on an awesome monitor. In fact, you don’t even need a Prime membership to shop most of these Prime Day sales, because other outlets have their own discounts that are open to all (and some might even extend into tomorrow, although we don’t recommend pushing your luck). The HP Prime Day sale, these Best Buy Prime Day deals, and the Staples Prime Day sale are just a few examples that are still going strong.

These Prime Day monitor deals are serving up huge discounts on some of the best work and gaming panels from Dell, HP, Samsung, Acer, MSI, and other top brands, and we’ve taken care of the hard part by rounding them all up for you here so you don’t have to waste what precious little time is left. Whether all you need is a cheap 1080p desktop display or you’re looking to invest in a cutting-edge 4K monitor for your gaming battle station (but you still want to save some cash, of course), there’s something here that’s sure to be a good fit.

Read on to see the hottest Prime Day monitor deals that are still up for grabs as the sale nears its end. Then take a look at these Prime Day PC deals and these Prime Day laptop deals if you’re after some more computer bargains.

Best Prime Day monitor deals

Free $25 gift card
Get the most out of your home office with this 27-inch Dell monitor, maximizing space, brightness, and utility for any computer setup, no matter the budget.
This 28-inch HP monitor offers a high-res 4K and edge-to-edge panel at one of the lowest prices. It also supports HDR for a more vibrant picture quality.
Enjoy a crisp, color-accurate Ultra HD picture on this excellent 4K curved monitor from Dell, which sits at a nice sweet spot in size at 32 inches.
With a 27-inch 4K IPS panel and AMD FreeSync technology, this slick Dell display is one of the best Ultra HD monitors you can get in this size class.
The LG 34-inch Quad HD display is a great pick if you're looking to up your entertainment and productivity with an ultra-wide 1440p monitor.
The Raspberry Pi allows you to accomplish your tasks on-the-go with its two removable stands and compatibility with Windows and other systems or devices.
With 4K UHD quality, this LG monitor delivers crystal clear images and videos, be it with games or movies. You can also ensure noise-free quality when running high-graphics games.
Enjoy discounts on all sorts of Dell monitors, from cheap 1080p models to ultrawide gaming displays.
The Acer Ultra HD 4K2K monitor offers an excellent viewing experience with crystal clear images and world-class sound. This is a definite must-have for your home theater.
You can't go wrong with a WQHD monitor when it comes to games and streaming movies. This 31.5" Acer monitor has 2560x1440 resolution, promising crystal-clear output every time.

Select HP Monitor Deals

Starting at $110
Enjoy huge discounts on select HP monitors and accessories $50 plus using the code BFCMDA5. You can also use the code BFCMDA10 to get 10% off on select HP monitors and accessories $200 plus.
Putting a strong emphasis on color accuracy, this 27-inch Dell S-Series 1440p monitor is perfect for creatives with an eye for detail, boasting its own slick, professional aesthetic to boot.
A large 4K monitor allows you to see every detail for a more immersive experience. And with Radeon FreeSync technology and Dynamic Action Sync, you're sure to enjoy smooth, lag-free performance.
This is a solid bargain on a great, no-gimmicks 1440p 27-inch Dell monitor that gives you a nice upgrade over 1080p for two Benjamins.
Looking for an entry level 4k monitor that won't break the bank? Then this monitor is for you.
The Acer 15.6-inch IPS monitor is a perfect (and extremely affordable) way to add a second display to your laptop or portable gaming setup. Includes USB-C and MicroUSB cables for power and video.
By day, you can use this LG monitor's split screen feature for your work presentations. By night, make the most of its full HD capabilities with graphics-intense games.
This 34-inch ultrawide display from LG features a 21:9 ultrawide resolution, making it a great alternative to a dual-monitor setup without taking up too much space on most desktops.
Size up your display without shrinking your checking account balance (by too much, anyway) with this 31.5-inch Quad HD monitor from Leonovo.
This Lenovo 27-inch 1440p monitor hits the sweet spot in size, resolution, and price, with a nice discount that makes it one of the best Quad HD displays you'll find for the price.
If you're looking for a full HD display that hits the sweet spot in size, the budget-friendly 1080p HP 27-inch monitor punches above its weight for its price.
Take a walk on the ultra-wide side: This 34-inch 1440p Asus monitor is great for multi-tasking and can even handle gaming thanks to AMD FreeSync technology.

Should you buy a new monitor on Prime Day?

The answer to that question is an enthusiastic yes, but the key consideration here is: Do you actually need a new monitor? If your existing setup works well for you, only consider an upgrade if you see something among these Prime Day monitor deals that is exactly what you want at a price that’s too good to pass up. If you’re set on buying, which you probably are, then plan ahead with your budget so you know exactly how much you’re willing to spend. It’s very easy to spend hundreds of dollars on a monitor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to; there are plenty of solid budget-friendly monitors that get marked down during sales like this, too.

Prime Day monitor sales tend to be very good, as technology is generally everybody’s main focus during Prime Day, even if Amazon (and other retailers) offer discounts on almost every product category from clothing to appliances. That means that now is far and away one of the best times of the year to shop for deals on pricey gadgets like computers and computer peripherals. Effectively, all the biggest names in monitor technology are keen to discount their products during Prime Day, and if you’re looking for specialist products like a 4K monitor or gaming monitor, these are likely to be the best prices you’ll see before Black Friday arrives.

That’s not to say that you should wait for Black Friday in the hopes of getting a better deal — you probably won’t. Also, unlike last year, when Prime Day and Black Friday were about six weeks apart (due the Amazon’s big sale being delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic), Prime Day is back on its summer schedule this year. That means that you’ll have to wait months to get your new display if you hold off until Black Friday. You also can’t assume that the monitor deal you had your eye on will even go on sale again when Black Friday and Cyber Week roll around. Our advice: Don’t sleep on these Prime Day monitor deals. Now’s the time to shop.

Last year was a bumper year for Prime Day monitor sales, in part due to increasing numbers of people working from home. That meant we saw discounts across the board, encompassing both home office-based monitors and gaming displays. There were discounts for the likes of HP and Dell work monitors but also big price cuts for Alienware curved gaming monitors, so there was something for everybody.

How to choose a new computer monitor on Prime Day

Before you hit that “add to cart” button, you may want to quickly peruse our best monitors roundup, our look at the best 4K monitors, and our guide to the best gaming monitors. Whatever your needs, you should get an idea about what exactly you want before jumping on any of these Prime Day monitor deals, but we can save you a little time with a quick run-down of the most important features to look for along with some terminology to be familiar with.

Perhaps the most important consideration is what size of display you need. Do you simply want to be able to see a little more in your home office or are you looking to have a huge amount of screen real estate so you can keep multiple windows open at all times? This will depend on what your work involves, as well as your entertainment habits if you also use your computer for things like gaming and streaming videos. One advantage of desktop PCs is that you can set up multiple displays, but newer ultrawide 21:9 panels are another viable option.

Then there’s resolution. Full HD 1080p is the standard and Quad HD 1440p is a nice upgrade over that, but you may want to consider upgrading to one of the best 4K monitors as the price of these has come down a bit over the past year or two. If a high resolution is important for you, then the extra cost will be worth it. If you’re simply typing up some documents and designing some presentations, a 4K screen will be overkill. This will relate to size, too; 1080p might look fine on a 21- to 24-inch display but pixelated on a 27- to 32-inch display. For larger displays, you should consider 1440p or even 4K.

If you’re also an avid gamer, then you’ll naturally want one of the best gaming monitors that match those needs. Your computer’s graphics card and other specs will naturally determine what picture output the PC is capable of, but if you have a GPU that can handle 1440p or even 4K gaming, you also want a monitor that can get the most out of that performance. While you’re at it, look for a high refresh rate (at least 120Hz) so that you won’t have to deal with lag and screen-tearing while playing your favorite games. A good general rule of thumb is to get a display with a refresh rate that’s at least twice the frame rate you want to play at — a 120Hz to 144Hz monitor for 60 frames per second or a 240Hz to 300Hz panel for 120 fps, to name two common examples.

Again though, if you just need a monitor for work, a high-end gaming monitor (even when discounted) is probably overkill. If your work simply involves typing up documents, you should be fine with most any monitor that’s a good price and the right size for your desk. If you do a lot of picture-sensitive work like photo editing or video editing, on the other hand, it can be worth checking out picture quality to ensure the monitor you’re considering buying has the best image reproduction. Precise temperature and color controls are vital here, as well as the option to save different color profiles. IPS panels are the most color-accurate and offer the best viewing angles when compared to cheaper TN and VA panels so that’s what we recommend.

Curved monitors may seem appealing because they look cool, but they generally don’t add much functionality for monitors that aren’t ultrawide. Get one if you want one, but there’s no reason to pay extra for this feature on a monitor that has the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Finally, if you want to set up dual monitors, it’s a good idea to buy two of the same model so your display interface looks better overall on your desk. This is doubly true if you’re buying a desk-mounted monitor stand, as two different displays will align differently when installed on the stand’s arms.

We strive to help our readers find the best deals on quality products and services, and we choose what we cover carefully and independently. The prices, details, and availability of the products and deals in this post may be subject to change at anytime. Be sure to check that they are still in effect before making a purchase.

Digital Trends may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers.

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