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Buy an outdoor projector for the Super Bowl for only $82

Bomaker Wifi Projector on White Background

Super Bowl Sunday is less than a month away, and it’s the perfect opportunity to bring together a bunch of your friends to watch the big game at home. You should start thinking about the logistics of your Super Bowl party as early as now. Hosting a viewing party in your backyard is always a great idea, but great outdoor projector deals can be pretty pricey. That’s why we’re so excited to share this deal that you can today at Walmart! Right now, you can pick up the Bomaker WiFi outdoor projector for just $82, which is a whopping $108 off the regular price of $190. That’s an unbeatable value and comes at a fraction of even the cheapest 4K TV deals. Keep reading to find out how this projector can help you throw the best outdoor Super Bowl party in the neighborhood.

When you’re looking for the best projectors for a Super Bowl party, you need great picture quality, excellent connectivity, and value for money. The Bomaker WiFi projector manages to stay compact and portable while ticking all of those boxes. The LCD projection has a sharp, vivid image with a 9000:1 contrast ratio. The colors are well-saturated and accurate, and everything stays visible even when you’re in the outdoors. If you have a big yard, you can project a display of up to 200 inches from a distance of up to 18 feet. Adjusting the image is incredibly easy with the built-in settings, along with the accessible focus and keystone configuration wheels right on top of the unit. There’s also audio out, so you can easily connect it with any speakers that you already have lying around.

Of course, you need to actually broadcast the game from the projector. The Bomaker projector makes that very easy with its wealth of connection options. The built-in Wi-Fi lets you easily stream or mirror content from your devices, so you can put up the game there. There’s also support for HDMI, so you can quickly plug in a TV or streaming stick like a Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast, and watch it on a supported service like Hulu. Lastly, you can also connect your devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets with HDMI or USB connections, so you can quickly get the game up from there. There’s even an included HDMI cable so you can get it up and running within minutes of opening the package.

This is the perfect projector for throwing the outdoor Super Bowl party of your dreams while staying perfectly within budget. Right now, you can pick up the Bomaker WiFi projector for only $82, which is a massive $108 off the standard price of $190. That’s an absolute steal for what you’re getting. Hit that Buy Now button before all of these units are gone!