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Cyber Monday deals drop this 22-inch Dell monitor to $110

Have you been searching through the best Cyber Monday deals for a good quality, relatively cheap computer monitor? We found a very respectable 22-incher from Dell that might just be the one for you. We advise you to also have a look at our roundup of larger Cyber Monday monitor deals — just to make sure before you smash that Buy Button. Despite its super-low price, settling on the Dell SE2222H model is not slumming. At $110, it’s an $80 discount off its regular price of $190, a substantial savings. It’s great for those who work at home or families seeking a solid budget monitor.

While Dell’s monitors often look pretty basic, don’t let that fool you. These are sturdy monitors with a flicker-free anti-glare screen that is easy on the eyes. Its slim three-sided bezels allow for more screen space, with fewer distractions, and an excellent viewable screen-to-body ratio. Whereas 22 inches may seem small for a TV, it’s plenty spacious for a desktop monitor, though we’ve looked at the best computer monitors over time and have recommended some other excellent, though more expensive models, as well.

We admit that while bigger may look a bit better, and offer more screen space for work, games, and videos, 1080p resolutions are probably optimal at this more modest 22-inch size. Gamers are in a whole other league, so if that’s also on your mind, do check out our list of favorite high refresh rate monitors.

Getting down to the specs, this Dell monitor features an LED-backlit LCD with TFT active matrix at full HD (1080p) 1920 x 1080 resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate, a 16:9 aspect ratio, and 16.7 million colors. It weighs a smidge under six pounds and connects via HDMI (HDCP 1.4) and VGA — and even includes an HDMI cable in the box.

Despite its size, this Dell screen has a relatively small footprint, with a modestly-sized stand. A built-in power supply unit and cable holder help to reduce clutter in wire city — aka, your desk. The monitor is easily adjustable, so you can get the right viewing angle or hook it up with a compatible VESA mount. Dell’s so-called ComfortView feature promises to minimize harmful blue light emissions to help reduce eye fatigue.

The monitor was also manufactured with environmental concerns in mind. It ships styrofoam-free and the packaging is made of 75% recycled cardboard, at minimum. A power nap feature saves energy when your monitor is not in use, acting to dim or put your monitor to sleep until you return to your desk.

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