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Maximize your preparedness with EcoFlow’s new DELTA Max power station

EcoFlow Delta Max on white background.

As far as portable power solutions go, EcoFlow offers a ton of amazing options, and their lineup just keeps getting better. Now available on EcoFlow’s website is the latest device, the DELTA Max power station.

It’s an incredibly versatile power solution, for outdoor enthusiasts, DIY lovers, and, of course, disaster preparedness. By grabbing one of these high-capacity power stations — with solar panel support — you’ll have plenty of emergency power to care for your family. Just $2,099 gets you this home backup power solution that packs a 2kWh capacity and can be expanded up to 6kWh by adding DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries. Check it out, and read more, below!

What is the EcoFlow DELTA Max power station?

Woman adding EcoFlow Delta Max power station to stand.

Similar to EcoFlow’s DELTA Pro portable home battery, the DELTA Max power station offers a host of power delivery options. For starters, its large 2016Wh capacity is welcome, and it can be expanded up to 6048Wh with DELTA Max Smart Extra Batteries. You also get 3600W dual fast charging support for the DELTA Max plus one DELTA Max Smart Extra Battery — when they’re connected to a Smart Generator and an AC outlet. The industry-leading 3400W X-boost technology allows you to power up to 99% of appliances like a fridge, dryer, and more. That way, you can keep on living normally if and when your power goes out.

What’s really interesting is how this power station can be charged between uses. It can be converted into a near unlimited power supply using solar energy, after equipping EcoFlow Solar Panels. A voltage range of 11-100V, alongside an MC4 connector, means you can connect other solar panels to the unit, as well. What’s more, pairing it with other EcoFlow devices extends functionality, like the EcoFlow Smart Generator. Together, the Smart Generator and DELTA Max create a more convenient emergency backup power system because when the power of the DELTA Max reaches 20% or lower, the generator will auto-start. The threshold can also be adjusted according to customer’s needs from within the EcoFlow app — for example, if you wanted it to kick on at 40% or lower, instead. After it’s fully charged — or whatever limit the customer specifies within the EcoFlow app — the Smart Generator will shut down, conserving energy.

While the most recent launch was the EcoFlow DELTA Max, the company will also be releasing a smaller scale unit in Q4 of 2021, called the EcoFlow DELTA Max (1600). It has a smaller base capacity of 1612Wh, which can be expanded up to 5644Wh after being paired with 2 of EcoFlow’s Smart Extra Batteries. Whichever model suits you best, you’ll be able to “unleash your capacity,” especially when paired up with additional EcoFlow power systems.

What are some other cool ways to use the EcoFlow DELTA Max?

EcoFlow Delta Max power station with expandable power battery.

The obvious example of the EcoFlow DELTA Max is to use it as a backup power solution during an emergency or extended blackout. But it’s also incredibly useful for other applications, like camping, road trips, home DIY projects, and even live or public events.

Professionals can use the power station out in the field for tools, equipment, and other gear. Live event professionals can use the DELTA Max to power lighting, speakers, and other entertainment equipment. It’s even small enough to fit in an RV, trailer, van, jeep, boat, yacht, or cabin. Since it’s noiseless, it won’t make as much of a ruckus as a traditional generator either.

If you grab some of EcoFlow’s Solar Panels and Smart Extra Batteries, you can extend support considerably — drawing from natural solar energy to keep it charged and ready to go, plus extending its total capacity.

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