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Get Hulu for just $1 a month when you subscribe today

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While Netflix set off the online streaming industry, they’ve recently come under a lot of fire for such things as increasing their subscription costs, clamping down on account sharing, and frustratingly canceling shows when they’re right in their prime. As such, many other streaming services have entered the limelight, with the biggest alternative being Hulu, and while it didn’t start out of the gate strong, in the past few years, it has done an excellent job of pulling people in with great programming. Even better, if you’ve been thinking of subscribing to it, Hulu currently has a special subscription offer for just $1, perfect if you want to try it out.

While the deal is for its ad-based subscription, it is only $1 for a whole three months before reverting to the usual $7/month cost. You can always change to the non-ad version of the subscription if you don’t want ads, but if you’d like to go that route right off the bat, then you can pick up the normal No Ads subscription for just $13/month and get the first month off for free. That’s essentially getting a discount of around $3 for three months, so it’s a nice little subscription offer if you’re new to Hulu, and want a no-ads experience.

You can also go for one of the package deals that include Disney+ and ESPN+ plus, and they’re quite reasonably priced, coming in at $14/month for the ad-supported version and $20/month for the no-ads version. The latter is actually about the same cost as Netflix while providing you almost triple the amount of content, so it’s crushing them in terms of value and worth a pickup if you want to move away from Netflix. There’s also the Hulu with Live TV bundle that includes Disney+ and ESPN+ and goes for $70/month for the ad-supported version and $76/month for the no-ads version, so it’s also an excellent deal if you want live channels with your subscription, and the extra $6 for no ads is absolutely worth it.

If you’re shying away from Netflix and looking for another great streaming service but aren’t currently sold on Hulu, then Hulu’s $1 subscription offer for the first three months is a great deal to check out what they’re all about. Even better, we’ve collected a list of the best shows on Hulu right now, so you’ll already have a lot of stuff to watch from the get-go.

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