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The iHome smart vanity mirror’s price nosedives to $50 on Walmart this Prime Day

Preparing for work each morning can be a drag. As you stare into the mirror while getting ready, don’t you wish there was music playing in the background? Thanks to the iHome Adjustable Vanity Mirror, you can now rock out while doing your hair, makeup, or shaving. Walmart is now offering $30 off this fabulous mirror as it competes with Amazon Prime Day. Originally $80, Walmart has cut its price to just $50. We’ve already found a bunch of other early Prime Day smart home deals, as well.

The smart mirror is equipped with Bluetooth so you can easily connect it to your smartphone for audio streaming. It also supports Siri and Google, allowing you to issue voice commands to hear the latest news and weather reports, switch to different playlists, or much more. Its built-in microphone is also perfect for answering calls, even while you’re busy doing other things — like putting on your makeup. If your smartphone happens to be running low on battery, you can simply plug it into the mirror to charge. This iHome mirror is also equipped with a 1 AMP USB port. All these features combine to help take this drag of a daily routine to the next level.

The bright LEDs on this mirror have high and low settings that let you dim the lights when needed and brighten things up for a clearer view. These LED lights will help you achieve that flawless makeup look you’ve always wanted.

As its name states, this mirror is adjustable, so you can find the perfect angle when doing your makeup. This mirror is free from distortions, and it has a color range index of 90, with competitors typically at just 70. This allows the mirror to reflect more colors, allowing you to see your face in greater detail.

While there are a lot of great deals on Amazon this Prime Day, this one from Walmart is tough to beat. The package comes with the mirror itself, a 100V to 240V universal AC adapter for power, cleaning cloth, and an instruction book. This could be the perfect gift for either yourself or  the special woman in your life.

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