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Amazon lets you save $100 on this Kindle Oasis ahead of Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here but you don’t have to wait for it in order to secure some of the most amazing bargains. We’ve done some scouring on Amazon and located the best deals that are already live. Right now, you can save a whopping $100 off the Kindle Oasis ebook reader with 32GB of internal memory. Get one for $180 instead of its usual price of $280 and say goodbye to lugging around countless books.

The Kindle Oasis sports a 7-inch screen that’s easy to hold with just one hand, although it is too wide to fit inside a jeans pocket, unlike the 6-inch base Kindle model. While the larger screen means you have to bring with you a bag all the time in order to store it, it also means a bigger canvas to stare at. With a resolution of 1,680 x 1,264 or 300 pixels-per-inch, the Oasis’ screen is packed with crisp details. Texts appear sharp and easy to ready, plus you can customize fonts, font size and more for a personalized reading experience.

Boasting an aluminum chassis, this ebook reader has a quality build and feels substantial, as does the inclusion of page-turning buttons. Unlike the Paperwhite and the original Kindle, the Oasis has a slightly thicker bezel on one side with buttons for turning the page. While swiping and tapping the screen is fine, we think the physical buttons make for better maneuvering. It also doesn’t matter if you’re left- or right-handed as the screen rotates whichever way you’re holding the Oasis, just like a smartphone. Unfortunately, the Oasis doesn’t come with a USB Type-C charging port. Instead, you’ll find a MicroUSB port which makes it dreadfully slow at charging. It takes three hours to power the Oasis from zero to full, and that’s kind of unacceptable. Luckily, you don’t need to constantly juice up this Kindle, as its battery life can last for about two weeks with light reading. This is also the very first waterproof Kindle with an IPX8 rating so you read virtually anywhere, even at the pool.

We didn’t experience any difficulties reading the Oasis even in direct sunlight. What’s more, it features an ambient light sensor so you don’t have to manually tweak the brightness level depending on the time of day or the light exposure. Another cool feature that’s only found on this Kindle is color-adjustable front light. Now you don’t have to worry about blue light consumption at night, which can adversely affect sleep quality, since you can choose a warmer amber tone.

Underneath the hood, the Oasis is powered by a mixture of E Ink technology and a much-improved processor. Launching books, returning to the home screen, and opening settings are fluid and fast. And with 32GB of memory, you can store literally thousands of books or a handful of Audible audiobooks in it. If you’re unsure of a word, you can just tap and hold it to pull up the dictionary. There’s also a browser if you want to open websites, although the Oasis has the tendency to display some, like the New York Times, in a garbled mess. Just use your smartphone instead.

The Kindle Oasis allows you to read anywhere you want thanks to its waterproof nature. It is our pick for the best ebook reader for 2019, and for $100 less, you won’t find a better deal than this.

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