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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 back down to lowest-ever price at Best Buy

A close-up of someone using the Microsoft Surface pro 7 in tablet mode.

Looking for a new laptop at a great price? Right now, you can buy the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for just $600 at Best Buy, saving you $360 and getting you the lowest-ever price on the site. An ideal mixture of both tablet and laptop, this is a sweet deal for anyone looking to be more productive while on the move. With this big a price drop, you’ll need to be quick to snap it up though so don’t delay.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has come into its own in recent years. It’s so good these days that we’ve even looked at the iPad Pro vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and it’s come out fairly favorably. That’s thanks to its use of an Intel Core i3 processor, along with 4GB of memory, plus 128GB of SSD storage. With a 12.3-inch touchscreen, it looks great, too, and it easily adapts to however you plan on using it. Versatility is the core feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 so you can always use it exactly how you want to — either as a laptop or tablet.

It’s the other little things though that will make you fall in love with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. It’s always ready to go thanks to the Instant On feature, has a great 1080p HD webcam for video calls, offers all-day battery life, and has a kickstand so you can easily switch between different forms depending on how you’re using it. Even its speakers offer Dolby Audio sound for a superior experience.

Well designed and stylish, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is down to just $600 right now at Best Buy saving you a huge $360 on the usual price. There’s never been a better time to buy one so grab it now while stock lasts.

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