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Get up to $300 off these gorgeous air purifiers in the Molekule Labor Day sale

Molekule Air Mini+ air purifier on kitchen counter

This content was produced in partnership with Molekule.

Air purifiers will keep the indoor air quality inside your home or apartment healthy, but also will help remove odors from pets and break down other pollutants like bacteria, viruses, mold, and allergens. But while they are an excellent addition to any household, they’re not typically adorned with stylish designs to match modern decor. More specifically, they can be an eyesore. That’s not the case with Molekule’s quaint yet effective air purifiers. Here’s the best part, though. As part of the Molekule Labor Day sale, you can save $300 on the Air Pro and $75 on the Air Mini+, the brand’s two most popular devices. These are intelligent air purifiers with app controls that employ PECO-HEPA filtration.

As you may know, true HEPA filters remove 99.97% of particles and pollutants, even at a microscopic level. But Molekule’s PECO technology destroys what HEPA leaves behind, providing three layers of protection through light-activated treatments and more. The PECO tech eliminates organic pollutants and works alongside a carbon layer to remove extra odors and gases. In other words, the Air Pro or Air Mini+ will leave your house smelling fresh and your lungs feeling fresh, especially if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Those Labor Day deals will only be available until September 4th, so don’t waste time if you’re interested.

Why you should shop the Molekule Labor Day sale

Molekule Air Pro air purifier standing lifestyle image

For starters, these air purifiers look good, like really, really good. They resemble a modern freestanding speaker or sculpture with round designs and a sleek, minimalistic finish. The Air Mini+ covers up to 250 square feet and is small enough to rest on a bureau, nightstand, or table. It’s also Apple HomeKit-enabled to work with Siri and your other Apple smart home devices. The Air Pro, on the other hand, offers coverage for up to 1000 square feet, and is suitable for large to medium homes or even a business or office. If you prefer to use Amazon Alexa as your voice assistant, Molekule’s devices are also compatible with it. You can use voice commands to interact with and control the system(s).

Molekule’s air purifiers offer real-time monitoring and coverage with slightly different operating modes. The , for example, includes a single auto-protect mode that will measure pollutants and particle levels in real time, which can all be monitored through the Molekule app. That information offers an expanded air history over time, allowing you to see how healthy your home’s air quality is and how it has improved.

The , with its increased coverage, includes two auto-protect modes that capture particles, destroy pollutants, and remove odors automatically. Via the Molekule app, the system can also track up to six pollutant types in real-time with a touchscreen interface on the device itself to configure settings and more. It automatically reacts to chemicals and particulate matter to keep the local environment fresh and safe. Molekule’s air purifiers destroy the “widest range of pollutants” compared to other purifiers and systems. Some of those contaminants are pollen, dust mites, pet dander, viruses, gases from smoke, mold, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and beyond.

They use disposable Tri-Power filters from Molekule, which you can reorder for auto-delivery every six months as recommended. You can also order those filters separately on your own time if you so desire.

Thanks to the Molekule Labor Day sale, you can save on the perfect air purifier model for your home or business. The Air Mini+ is just $285 right now, down from $360 usually. The Air Pro is discounted to $715 instead of its original $1,015 price. That’s $75 and $300 in savings, respectively, and the deal will remain available until September 4th, when they’ll be gone. Go ahead and pursue cleaner, fresher air. You and your family deserve it, and you don’t need to get an ugly air purifier to achieve it either — Molekule’s systems are gorgeous.

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