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Miss Black Friday? Get a Nikon full-frame camera, lens and grip for under $900

NIKON D610 front

Even budget full-frame cameras tend to push well past the $1,000 mark. Add lenses and accessories, and the price can easily climb to twice that. Unless, of course, it’s Cyber Monday. The Nikon D610 camera with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, battery grip, and a Wi-Fi adapter is currently a steal on B&H Photo for under $900 — cheaper than the current body-only price for just the camera at $1,600.

The Nikon D610 is Nikon’s budget-friendly full-frame camera, but its 24-megapixel sensor still holds up well against newer models. Being full-frame, it offers excellent low light performance and, thanks to the included 50mm f/1.8 lens in this case, superb control over depth of field, perfect for shooting portraits with blurred backgrounds.

Released in 2013, the D610 is starting to show its age but it was one of the best DSLR cameras in its day. The older Expeed 3 processor allows for a not-horrible-but-not-great 6 frames per second in continuous shooting mode. 4K video is also missing.

Nikon could very well be trying to move stock of the older camera as the company focuses on mirrorless models and high-end DSLRs like the D850. But while there are plenty of cameras out there that can easily beat the D610, there are few that can do it for $900, and none that include a sharp prime lens. Photographers who need a lot of speed, 4K video, or exceptional noise reduction at high ISOs may want to keep saving up. But for many photographers who would otherwise be going with a smaller sensor to stay on budget, the D610 bundle is an excellent buy.

The 50mm f/1.8 lens B&H is bundling with the D610 is not the standard kit lens. It is a popular lens for portraiture thanks to its wide aperture that creates ample bokeh, or background blur, and lets in a lot of light for shooting in low light settings. Granted, it’s one of Nikon’s most affordable lenses, but it’s not often you a prime lens (meaning it doesn’t zoom) kitted with a camera body, and it makes for a great combination.

The kit also includes a vertical battery grip, which houses two batteries instead of the single one slot inside the camera, while also offering a bigger grip and a second shutter release for shooting in portrait orientation. The included wireless adapter transfers images over to a smartphone for sharing, as well as adding features like geotagging and remote control from a smartphone.

The Nikon D610 kit with a lens, battery grip, and wireless adapter is on sale during Cyber Monday at B&H photo for about $897 — a $1,100 discount over the usual price. Separately, the battery grip would be $260, the lens about $215, and the Wi-Fi adapter about $55. B&H is also including a 64GB memory card, shoulder bag, and Skylum Luminar 4 editing software to sweeten the deal.

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