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Get the new Nintendo Switch Sports for only $45 with this code

Daily Steals has opened up one of the most exciting Nintendo Switch game deals you’ll find today. For only $45, you can own Nintendo Switch Sports, which at launch features six sports: Soccer, volleyball, badminton, bowling, chambara (swordplay), and tennis. Just enter the code DTNSPORT at checkout to get the $5 discount on the new game’s regular $50 price. This deal also comes with the leg strap accessory for playing shoot-out during soccer. The game launches on April 29, but you can pre-order right now through Daily Steals.

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The revival of the classic Wii launch title has been hyped up heavily, making Nintendo Switch Sports one of the most exciting Nintendo Switch deals. Like the Wii version did before it, the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers bring the game to life, enabling you to make intuitive motions like adding a spin to a tennis shot or curving bowling balls. You can also modify your avatar by changing outfits, hairstyles, faces, and body types. Players will love Nintendo Switch Sports because of the in-game rewards of sports accessories and outfits. And in addition to the six sports at launch, golf will be added later this year. 

Nintendo Switch Sports is a fantastic party game. Players can bowl with family and friends in the same room or play online against friends you’ve not seen in a while, and no one has to wait for their turn. If no one around you wants to play, the online matchmaking feature will pair you with someone you can play against for as long as you want — even until you earn points that help you attain pro status.

This is one of the best video game deals we’ve seen on a newly launched title. If you’re looking to turn real-world sports into virtual action from any location, this Daily Steals’ deal on Nintendo Switch Sports is for you. Enter the code DTNSPORT, and you’ll be paying only $45 to get your copy of Nintendo Switch Sports that comes with a leg strap. The game launches on April 29, but you can pre-order today through Daily Steals. This deal will be available until May 15, but it will likely sell out before then. Secure your copy today!

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