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NordVPN is practically giving away 2-year plans today

NordVPN app.

If you don’t already subscribe to a VPN service, it’s a great time to consider it, especially with these VPN deals. And one of the best VPN service providers out there, Nord, is currently offering fantastic savings on a VPN subscription plan. Right now, you can save $224 on a two-year plan; that’s 69% off! Add to your browsing safety and security today, with this amazing limited-time offer from Nord.

VPN stands for “virtual private network” and if you’re looking to upgrade your browsing security, privacy, and freedom, without having to sacrifice speed, Nord VPN could be for you. Concerned about a VPN’s safety? Take a look at this Digital Trend article, “Is Nord VPN safe?” and get all your questions answered (spoiler alert: Yes it is). In fact, Nord VPN is one of the brands highlighted in this article containing the best VPNs.

First and foremost, Nord can help you with security. Many of us have had the experience of clicking on something by mistake, and all of a sudden our calendars are filled with ads, or our computers are similarly infected with malware. Even worse, when we’re using public networks, we’re at risk of cybercrooks getting our info. NordVPN offers encryption for your connection so that even on insecure networks, your data is protected. NordVPN blocks sketchy ads and websites, so even if you end up in one of the web’s darker corners by mistake, NordVPN won’t allow you to make a wrong turn.

A related concern that a VPN can help with is privacy. There are people (and bots) out there who want to know your location, what kind of device you’re using, your IP, and your browsing history. Some of these are just advertisers, but others want this info for more nefarious reasons. The encrypted connection that NordVPN provides hides your data from snooping websites, as well as your IP address so they can’t find you. You can use your NordVPN on many different devices, and it will never track you or log where you’ve been. Another benefit is the freedom NordVPN provides. If you’re traveling somewhere with less Internet freedom, you can use your VPN to access 5,300 secure servers in 60 countries. Browse like you’re at home, anonymously, no matter where you go.

And you’ll never have to worry about speed, either. Users of VPNs complain that their content can arrive more slowly; Nord is the fastest VPN in the world. And right now, you can get all that speed, privacy, and security for less than ever before.

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