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Last chance: SAVE $234 on a 2-year NordVPN subscription

NordVPN in use on laptop.

There are many options for VPN deals, but not all of them provide a high level of security while staying affordable for families. Fortunately, there are offers that will let you enjoy savings on VPN subscriptions, such as NordVPN’s 72% discount for a two-year subscription that lowers the total price by $234 to just $89, from its original price of $323.

Using a virtual private network, or VPN, is becoming increasingly important as protection from hackers who may be trying to access sensitive information that you broadcast through the internet. Because VPNs make your computer behave as if they’re located in the network rather than your physical location, they’re also used to get around geoblocking restrictions, ranging from accessing streaming content meant for other regions to visiting websites blocked by the government.

Digital Trends tags NordVPN among the best VPN services because of how much it values your privacy and security, with features such as protected DNS queries and a kill switch that disconnects you when you lose sync with the VPN server. NordVPN also offers the split tunneling feature that allows some activities, such as gaming and streaming, to bypass the VPN for better performance. For NordVPN vs ExpressVPN, another popular VPN service, NordVPN offers faster performance through its higher number of servers, and it’s also cheaper.

Start protecting your family’s privacy with a VPN subscription by taking advantage of NordVPN’s offers. You can sign up for a two-year plan at 72% off, which brings the price of the subscription down by $234 to just $89 from its original price of $323. You can also go with a one-year plan at 58% off, lowering the price by $84 to just $59 from its original price of $143. If you’re eyeing the two-year plan, you don’t have much time left to avail it, so stop wasting time and click that Sign Up Now button right away.

More VPN deals

It won’t be easy to find a better deal for a VPN subscription than NordVPN’s offer for a two-year plan, but you’re more than welcome to look around for alternatives. To help you with your search, we’ve rounded up some of the best VPN deals that you can avail right now.

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