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Walmart drops a cool deal on this teen-oriented Razor electric motocross bike

So your teenager comes up to you, a smile plastered on his cherubic face, then with the sweetest voice possible, asks for a dirt bike. Most parents would be sweating in alarm. Not to worry. There are a lot of perfectly safe (well, safer) younger-adult-oriented dirt bikes available out there – the sort that runs on electricity instead of gasoline. You don’t have to worry about harmful fumes or your kid speeding off at breakneck speed. Of course, all the necessary safety precautions have to be set: proper riding gear, helmet, elbow and knee pads, adult supervision, etc. One great children’s electric motocross bike that you can buy is the Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket, and it’s available on Walmart for the discounted price of $499. Gift your little daredevil this awesome dirt bike this Christmas.

The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is suitable for teens and young adults ages 16 years and up weighing up to 220 pounds, although those who are younger (but not younger than 10 years old) would have no difficulty using it, so long as they’re responsible when it comes to their own safety. But if you’re looking for something a tad more appropriate for smaller kids, check out this Razor electric scooter.

This bike is outfitted with a 36V battery pack that needs 12 hours of initial charging before you can take it for a spin. Don’t worry. After the lengthy initial charge, all succeeding charges will only take about 8 hours. Besides, you’ll be teaching your teen the valuable lesson of patience. It has a powerful 650W electric chain-driven motor that can reach a safe top speed of 15 to 17 mph for 40 minutes of nonstop riding. You can choose to increase or decrease the speed by using the twist-grip of the handlebars. Considering 17 mph is still pretty fast, especially for inexperienced riders, Razor has equipped the Dirt Rocket with hand-operated front and rear disc brakes that are strong enough to bring the bike to a complete stop when squeezed. Furthermore, it features dual-suspension, a double crown fork, and grooved pneumatic tires that ensure a relatively comfy ride despite bumpy terrain.

Even with all these extra precautionary measures in place, your teen is still bound to take a tumble. If that happens, you’ll be happy to know that the Dirt Rocket comes with shatterproof fairings and fenders. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about picking out little plastic shards from him or her if an accident happens. And it’s important to know that the Dirt Rocket requires some wheel assembly, although it shouldn’t take longer than half an hour.

The Razor MX650 Dirt Rocket is a heavy-duty dirt bike that can take all kinds of abuse, thanks to its durable solid steel frame. Plus, since it runs on electricity it’s quiet as a mouse so it’s not going to cause a ruckus every time your youngster takes it for a spin. Get it for the very reasonable price of $499 on Walmart today.

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