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This Ring Alarm security system with a free Echo Dot is down to its lowest price

The Ring Alarm security kit, one of the best home security systems of 2019 is available on Amazon right now at a discounted price. While adding smart home cameras is more affordable for do-it-yourself home security, you should still be looking at the top-performing home security systems to manage the safety of your home. After all, you can have the best smart living and home entertainment but without the necessary safety equipment to safeguard your belongings, your precious investments will be for naught.

Thankfully, this eight-piece alarm system includes a base station, a keypad, a range extender, three contact sensors, and two motion detectors. What’s even better is Amazon has bundled the deal with a free third-generation Echo Dot smart speaker. With it you can voice command Ring via Alexa to arm, disarm, and check the status of your security system. All of these are up for grabs for an amazing 29% discount. Have peace of mind and secure your home at the touch of your fingertips with the perfect starter security system with this limited-time Amazon deal. And for a wireless home security camera, check out the Arlo Pr0 4, which is also being discounted from Amazon and Best Buy right now.

The three main components of this starter Ring Alarm kit are the base station, keypad, and range extender. The base station connects the entire system to your wireless home network, the keypad arms and disarms Ring from inside your home, and the range extender boosts the base station’s signal so that it can reach all installed components. If you wish to expand the system, you can buy more components in the future, including additional contact sensors and motion detectors. A contact sensor alerts you when doors and windows are opened, and a motion detector notifies you when it detects any suspicious movements. Ring also offers smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, water, and low-temperature alarms.

All devices are lightweight and durable, although the keypad buttons are a bit old-school compared to recent touchscreen ones. They require AC power, so you need to install them near an outlet. Both the base station and the keypad have rechargeable battery backups. The range extender, however, does not and must always be plugged in.

If you wish to mount the keypad on the wall, all the necessary tools to do so are already included in the package. The Ring app is available for download on both iOS and Android and connects all Ring devices through your Wi-Fi network. If you already have a Ring video doorbell or security camera, you’ll find that the system seamlessly integrates with them through the same app.

The app lets you manage the Ring Alarm system even when you’re away. Alexa will send you alerts on your phone when anything gets triggered, may it be someone trying to break in, if motion is detected, or if it hears the smoke alarm go off. You can also subscribe to an optional 24/7 professional monitoring at $10 a month for an added sense of security.

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