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Samsung 4th of July sale: Save on TVs, phones, refrigerators and more

It’s almost the 4th of July, the last official holiday of summer where every retailer is putting up their own sales before Prime Day deals begin. Here, we look at what Samsung is offering for the nation’s birthday. Samsung makes some of the best TVs and best Android phones, but you’ll also find them making a ton of smart home products, refrigerators, and other appliances. There are refrigerator deals and laundry washer and dryer deals right now where you can save over $1,000. Here’s how to make sense of it and all get away with the best deal during the July 4th sales event.

Galaxy Z Flip 5 (unlocked, 512GB storage) — $850, was $1,120

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 partially open while standing on a flat surface witgh orange dog informative cover screen wallpaper widget.
Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

Samsung has been leading the way with the return to the non-static phone designs, things you can flip and fold. One of the best foldable phones, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 (not to be confused with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5), has a gorgeous outer and inner display. While it has a crease on its inner screen, it fold together smoothly and has an excellent hinge that will make the phone feel solid and sturdy despite the fact that it has moving parts. Our Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 review covers the functionality of the cover screen and highlights how nice it is to fold up a large screen when it comes time to stuff it away in your pocket. This is the phone that can change your mind about foldables.

75-inch Samsung QLED 4K Q80C — $1,400, was $2,200

The Samsung Q80C placed in a living room on a TV stand.

One of Samsung’s many QLED TVs, this TV features HDR+ colorization and 4K upscaling to make all content, even the old classics, look great on the big 75-inch screen. The Q80C is designed to give good contrast even in sunlit living rooms due to its direct full array lighting. This is a great TV for families that want to share entertainment together in the living room. You can even experience the Samsung Gaming Hub, a cloud gaming service, on it.

Samsung Bespoke AI Laundry Combo 5.3 cu. ft. — $1,999, was $3,339

The Samsung Bespoke AI Laundry Combo washer and dryer in a laundry room.

Laundry is time-consuming, space-consuming, and a bit annoying. The culprit? You have to move your laundry manually from the washer to the dryer. If you forget, it can take up a lot of extra time to finish the chore or, worse, sour your clothes. This all-in-one machine does the full job in as fast as 98 minutes and even uses an AI system to chose the optimal settings along the way for you. You can install it into a standard American 120V outlet and it needs no dryer vent exhaust system.

65-inch Samsung S95C OLED — $2,000, was $3,300

A mountain vista on a Samsung S95C OLED TV.
Digital Trends

Dubbed in our Samsung S95C OLED review as “the best TV Samsung has ever made,” this TV hits the mark on many fronts. Most importantly, it has great picture quality, doing the seemingly impossible by bringing forth incredible bright colors while also getting perfect blacks. It’s excellent for gaming as well, with the popular ALLM for quick response gaming, a variable refresh rate that goes up to 144Hz, and access to Samsung’s cloud-based gaming features. Be sure to read the review to get all of the details if you must, but know that this is a highly-favored TV that shows why so many like OLED TVs in the first place. And check out general 4th of July TV deals for more OLED TV sales.

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator (23 cu. ft.) with Beverage Zone — $2,599, was $4,214

The Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator in a kitchen.

This four door refrigerator sits at counter depth to mesh well with your kitchen. You can even get panel colors that match your kitchen or accent it perfectly for a great design look. But there’s a lot more to like about this refrigerator than just its ability to mesh with your kitchen’s look. For example, one section is a beverage station that dispenses cans and bottles and has two ways to get water; one via a cool, recessed water pitcher and another via an in-machine water dispenser. Another great example is the bottom right section which can be made into a refrigerator or freezer segment, depending on your needs. One last one (you’ll really need to check the refrigerator out for yourself to see all the things it can do) is a connection to your phone via SmartThings, where you’ll get alerts if the door gets left open or the temperature suddenly drops.

85-inch Samsung The Frame QLED 4K — $3,000, was $4,300

SAMSUNG QLED 4K LS03B Series The Frame Smart TV on living room wall showing a nature scene.

One of Samsung’s more unique TV creations is the The Frame line. It looks and acts like a picture or art frame but its also a TV. With a thin body, customizable bezel, and single-wired design you can hang this on your wall just like a piece of art. An anti-reflection matte display makes paintings, which you can display in ‘Art Mode’ as a sort of screen saver, make for beautiful viewing. But don’t forget, while art may be the draw and twist of this TV, it also makes for an excellent TV plain and simple, just more stylish than others.

Samsung Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator with AI Family Hub — $3,399, was $5,014

Here, you can see the screen of the Samsung Bespoke 4-Flex with AI Family Hub refrigerator.

What are arguably the best smart refrigerators come from Samsung. Take this four door Flex refrigerator with an AI Family Hub on the outside and the ability to smartly see the insides of your refrigerator with AI vision and identify what’s inside (as of March 2024, it could recognize 33 distinct, common food items) to give you an overview of the refrigerator’s inventory. It’s smart screen can be used in a similar way to what you would use magnets for on a typical refrigerator — pin pictures, notes, a calendar, and even updating widgets like the weather. You can open apps (including staples like YouTube) directly from the screen, too, so you can have cooking tutorials or kitchenside entertainment constantly available to you. In many ways the upper-right panel’s door acts like one of the best Samsung tablets for your kitchen.

More Samsung 4th of July deals we like

Samsung has a few hit items that we think about quite a bit, but it is really a quite large brand with a huge collection of items. Here are some more deals that we’re excited to see from the Samsung 4th of July sale that didn’t quite fit in our longform approach above:

  • Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 Pro —
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ (12GB RAM, 256GB storage) —
  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra (Unlocked, 512GB storage) —
  • 65-inch Samsung S90C OLED —
  • Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator (29 cu. ft.) with Beverage Center —
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